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Full Name: Ingo Finch
Nationality: British
Organization: -
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jeff Dawson
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Ingo Finch is a physician with the British Army.

He will become a spy.

Our first meeting of him has him under fire and likely to get shot or blown up by artillery on the front lines during the Second Boer War in South Africa in 1899. It was hardly the place to find anyone the least bit involved in espionage and Finch is very much not the least bit so involved. He is trying to stay alive and trying to help others in his company do the same.

Once back a tad from the ongoing carnage, he is again in a field operating room working feverishly to deal with the victims of that same carnage hopefully survive albeit without all the limbs they started the day with.

"As a family doctor back home, he had never before cut into anything more than a lab rat. In just a few short weeks he had been raised from a lancer of boils to some kind of surgeon. Truthfully, he felt more like a tradesman - a carpenter or plumber - removing bits, stemming flows, procedures far too gruesome for even the most cast iron of stomachs to bear."

His ever-so gradual transition from the gory muck of the field operating tent into the murky world of clandestine operations will start when he reluctantly volunteers to remain behind with the wounded too hurt to be evacuated when a Retreat order is given for the British forces.

Even after that extremely interesting case that he would inadvertently get in the middle of is resolved and a few years pass bringing him back to England, his 'luck' for finding his way into other fascinating and highly dangerous situations will continue. The circumstances for his involvement will vary as much as the locales but they will all be quite exciting.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

1 No Ordinary Killing No Ordinary Killing
Written by Jeff Dawson
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1899. The local is South Africa. Ingo Finch is a captain with the Royal Army Medical Corps there during the Boer War. The murder of a British officer requires the signature of a RAMC member for the postmortem and Finch is selected. He is stunned who the victim was and concerned about how convenient the resolution was so he decides to look into things himself.
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2 The Cold North Sea The Cold North Sea
Written by Jeff Dawson
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1904. The location is the North Sea. The bombardment of a trawler fleet from Hull by Russian warships, killing a good number of fishermen, draws Britain and Russia close to war. Doctor Ingo Finch has long since left adventuring behind but he is asked by a stranger to look into an incident called the 'Dogger Bank Incident' and a conspiracy behind it. This will get him involved in the world of espionage and dealing with agents from both Whitehall and St. Petersburg.
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3 Hell Gate Hell Gate
Written by Jeff Dawson
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1904. The location is New York. Newly arrived Ingo Finch, now working for British Intelligence is on hand to take part in the investigation of the sinking of the General Slocom, a pleasure boat full of German immigrants out for a pleasant day on the East River, killing over one thousand. A popular Senator is using this event to rally support for a war with Germany and Finch is asked to look into his actions.
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The transition of Ingo Finch from a physician to a intelligence operative is both gradual and swift, as illogical as that pairing sounds. It certainly is not intentional and that makes reading about it quite interesting. Also fascinating is the earlier transformation of Finch from a would-be GP to a army field doctor having to deal with horrible wounds and amputations.

The man's life is definitely not a calm one.

Nor is it a stationary one as he will find himself moving from England to South Africa to the North Sea region and then to the States. Should there be more adventures, it is curious where to next.


My Grade: B+


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