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Full Name: Scott Rutherford
Nationality: British
Organization: SIS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Cranley Harding
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


Scott Rutherford is an agent with MI6.

Back in the days of his activities, the mid-1930's, it was known as the Secret Intelligence Service - Section 6 - aka SIS(6) but though it would undergo name changes a couple of times, it is the same agency. During the period that Rutherford worked for the department, it was run by Sir James McKay, described many times as a dout Scot and at least once as cantankerous, and had been for quite some time.

Rutherford is described early on as "aged thirty two, single, lived with his parents in Portsmouth when not on active service. He had been an outstanding student at the local grammar school resulting in a scholarship to Cambridge University where he gained a BSC (Hons). Spoke three foreign languages fluently: German, French and Spanish with passable Italian and Russian. He had excelled in sports gaining his 'blues' for rugby (his preference being football - an ardent Arsenal supporter), and a member of a victorious boat race crew against Oxford. He had also found time to become a Bisley marksman". Also that "he had a penchant for acting - he had been a member of the Cambridge Dramatic Club".

We further learn that his father had been a naval officer and it had been expected that the young Scott would travel that way as well but he chose instead "to join the Royal Marines where he swiftly rose to the rank of Captain. His exceptional prowess was brought to the attention of Sir James who took him under his wing and had him transferred to SIS training school where he distinguished himself."

Rutherford is described in several places as being a "devilish handsome chap" or, as the primary assistant to Sir James would put it when she had to meet him on several occasions, "the most ruggedly handsome man she had ever met". He stood 6' tall, was usually immaculately tailored, and had an Olympian athletic figure".

Considering the kinds of trouble that Rutherford will become involved in, he will need both his athleticism and his looks and charm on several occasions.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Tenerife Alternative The Tenerife Alternative
Written by Cranley Harding
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1935. The head of the British SIS is concerned that Hitler will soon control Gibraltar. An alternative plan for a British naval base is in the Canary Islands but intel is needed as to what activity the Nazis are up to there. Scott Rutherford is just back from a successful mission in Germany and is the man chosen to do the recon, finding more than a little female comfort along the way.
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2 The Gibraltar Incident The Gibraltar Incident
Written by Cranley Harding
Copyright: 2019

The year is 1936. Scott Rutherford had barely touched ground before he is whisked to a British aircraft carrier headed to Gibraltar. His mission is to investigate the mine attack on a warship off that region to learn who is trying to cause trouble. Helping him will be the lovely Yvonne with whom Rutherford has worked before, albeit with concerns. Those concerns rise greatly when upon arrival he finds she is missing.
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Both of the two adventures we have of this fellow are well-written with solid plots which are explained to the reading audience  so that there is no confusion as to what Scott Rutherford is supposed to be doing or why.

While Rutherford is the protagonist here, I enjoyed the fact that there was a good deal of time spent with several of the costars, people whose parts really add to the flavor of the stories, such as Sir James McKay and his assistant, the lovely and mature Elizabeth Court.

The period of time these tales take place in is also quite fascinating. They are several years before the Second World War when the U.K. is concerned about the way that things are changing on the Continent but not yet up in arms about it. Mussolini has been in power for quite a few years but not making too much of a scene. Hitler is worrisome and bombastic but not yet openly hostile. And Franco and the upcoming Spanish Civil War is on the cusp but not quite happening. Altogether, it makes for a fascinating time for intrigue.


My Grade: B


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