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Full Name: Jenna Royal
Series Name: The Last Line
Nationality: British
Organization: The Company
Occupation Agent

Creator: Solomon Carter
Time Span: 2016 - 2016


Jenna Royal is an agent with The Company.

When we first come across her, she and her sister Ruby are agents with MI6 and have been for some time, long enough to be known as a couple of undercover operative who got the job done. Then a traitor in the organization betrays their mission, Ruby is killed, and Jenna barely makes it out alive. This is told in the first couple of pages and mentioned in several promotion blurbs so no real spoilers there.

For the next year, after quitting MI6 in disgust, she earned her keep doing jobs that do not interest her but which pay the bills. She worked debt collection though "threatening the liars and idiots made her feel like dirt". She was a door guard at a nightclub until she was recognized. Then a short series of "one-off jobs" came before an invitation to a meeting for a possible job.

That job was with a man named Tom Barrington, former Deputy Directors of Operations at MI6 before the debacle that changed Royal's life. The pitch to her was simple. "We want to create a new, independent secret service, Jenna. And the truth is I want us to build it around you..."

The story then jumps ahead a tad to shortly after the creation of this new service, known as The Company, which is defined as "some kind of quasi-military intelligence outfit, run independently of state control. It's sponsored by some kind of wealthy benefactor who gives his little pet-project the licence to do whatever he pleases in the name of freedom as he sees it." It is also said that "The Company acts as a backstop for UK military intelligence."

The adventures which concern The Company do not concern the actions of Royal only as there are several other agents in the organization that Royal works closely with but she seems to be the center of the action in most events. Most interesting of these others are Eva Roberts, an impressive red-head, and her partner Dan Bradley, both private detectives 'seconded' to the Company a while before and still with it helping Royal.

Royal is described as 'fiery', a term which is often used with redheads but which does apply to a very blonde-haired Royal. Considering her ongoing anger over the death of her sister that is understandable but even before that death, she showed she was very quick to irritate. When dealing with opponents, this is sometimes a good thing but when dealing with her bosses, either at MI6 or later The Company, this is not so good.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 The Last Line The Last Line
aka Betrayal & Vengeance
Written by Solomon Carter
Copyright: 2016

Jenna Royal had left MI6 because she was certain it has betrayed her and her sister resulting in the death of her sister, Ruby. When the opportunity to go to work for the Company, a new intelligence organization, she decided it might help her find who was the traitor and make them pay. This volume explains how she came to join the organization as well as a couple of other major players.
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2 The Last Line: Santiago The Last Line: Santiago
Written by Solomon Carter
Copyright: 2016

A mission involving extremists and Russian agents find Jenna Royal and company heading to South America where Jenna and Eva Roberts find themselves taking crazy chances. Their colleague, Dan, is certain they are taking it too fast but with so much drug money paying so many opponents, crazy might be the only sane way to go.
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3 The Last Line: Between The Lines The Last Line: Between The Lines
Written by Solomon Carter
Copyright: 2016

The founder of the Company, elderly billionaire Lord Forbrace has been kidnapped while helping negotiate a new relationship between the US and UK. Enemy agents want to make sure that the talks fall apart. Jenna Royal and her Company colleagues want to make sure that their boss is saved.
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4 The Last Line: Final Payload The Last Line: Final Payload
Written by Solomon Carter
Copyright: 2016

An agent from North Korea is in England to purchase a stolen component on the UK's most powerful weapon and if that Asian nation gets hold of it, the balance of power in the region will shift for the worse. The Company wants Jenna Royal and associates to stop it but the memory of her sister is plaguing her.
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5 Freedom Square Freedom Square
Written by Solomon Carter
Copyright: 2016

Russia is using insurgents and fake protests to create a 'call' for stepping in to reclaim a key region it lost when the Soviet Union fell. To stop them from getting more, the Company sends in Jenna Royal and colleagues to the region.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Opening Shots! Opening Shots!
short story
Written by Solomon Carter
Copyright: 2016

Explains the final mission with MI6 that will cause Jenna Royal to leave that organization and provide the opening for her recruitment by the Company.
This story is also contained in the opening of the first book.
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I would not want to mess with Jenna Royal because not only could she almost certainly handle someone like me, her colleagues, Roberts or Bradley, could handle the job in her place. It would come to the last, though. Royal could handle me easily.

These are very fast-paced tales which are very enjoyable to read.

The first four, IMHO, are part of a big picture operation. The fifth is afterwards. I am not sure if there is going to be any more as it has been several years since the fifth came out. But there are these five!


My Grade: B


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