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Full Name: George Mueller
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Paul Vidich
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


George Mueller is an agent with the CIA.

This is an Agency which is just a half decade old when these adventures, which take place in the early 50's, occur. The concerns affecting its members lie primarily in the concerns with the ever-expanding Communist threat. The Soviet Union had swallowed up a good chunk of Europe and was making overtures to North Africa. The Chinese communists had taken over that most populous country just a couple years before and Indochina was feeling the threat as well. The need for trained, intelligent, and dedicated operatives to fight these dangers was extremely high.

Mueller was one of those that answered the call and fit the requirements just mentioned. As we are told early on, he had grown up in the Midwest and then was admitted to Yale on a scholarship. He "left Yale early to fight against Hitler's Germany, caught up in the great patriotism that drove America's young men into the armed forces. Through friends of friends of earlier graduates, he found himself in Texas training for the OSS. He parachuted behind enemy lines to help French Resistance sabotage rail lines and then played a small but dangerous role in occupied Norway that earned him a Purple Heart. He completed his undergraduate degree after the war and through a series of happenstances - choices presented to him - he worked on Wall Street, became bored, drank, and was recruited by his friend Altman to join the urgent battle in Europe against the Soviet Union. Mueller wanted to believe that he could make a difference in the world."

Mueller is described as "just shy of six feet, and on the thin side, which made him appear lanky". "His face was slightly oval, hair parted on the left, and combed straight back, and he wore clear plastic eyeglasses that made him look inconspicuous, a man who could sit in a restaurant and not catch a waiter's eye."

He is/was married to an Austrian woman who worked for the CIA in the years after WWII as an interpreter and they have a son aged six who he very seldom sees since his transfer back to the States and the desire of his wife, Johana, to remain in Austria.

Mueller is nearing the end of his time with the Agency. It was stated that the politics his bosses were constantly playing and the internal wars, not to mention those with the other government agencies, were like a "daily grind" that he wanted to put behind him. "Each morning he got up to face the endless urgency of ambitious colleagues inventing useful crises. Politics had taken over everything. He was tired of the double life, the daily mask, and he'd lost his ability to appear interested in a conversation when he was bored out of his mind."

Good Line:
- Comment about Joseph McCarthy by the CIA Director, "A fat worthless bastard. Rude and unhousebroken."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 An Honorable Man An Honorable Man
Written by Paul Vidich
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1953. Joe McCarthy is causing trouble in Washington. Stalin's death is causing trouble in Russia. The CIA is certain they have a double agent selling secrets to the Soviet Union but if word gets out it will be even worse. To find the mole, the Director picks George Mueller. Mueller, though, has some secrets of his own and he soon becomes a suspect himself.
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2 The Good Assassin The Good Assassin
Written by Paul Vidich
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1958. Fidel Castro is living in the mountains of Cuba and making thing difficult for Batista. George Mueller is sent by the CIA to see if an in-country agent for them is secretly selling arms to the rebels in violation of government policy. When he finds is that the CIA, the FBI, and the State Department have all got their individual projects going on in the region.
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A couple of interesting points about the author of this pair of spy novels, Paul Vidich. The first is that he has only written five adventures so far and already his name is respected by anyone who has read his work. The second is that he has yet to write anything that was not worth bragging about, whether it be in that too short a series or his stand-alone novels.

The man has a terrific way of making you feel you are back in the early 50s. I was alive back then but still in diapers; his books make me think what life would have been like for my parents, assuming they were international spies and not farmers.

I strong recommend to anyone that they keep on the lookout for anything this fellow puts out.


My Grade: A-

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dbuhler B 2021-06-09

Vidich does a commendable job transporting the reader to foreign lands during challenging times. Mueller is simply not a very interesting character. The action is limited and overwhelmed by too much introspection. There are no clear cut good guys and bad guys, so no reason to cheer the final outcome. On the other hand, that probably reflects the reality of life, where good and evil are at times interchangeable.

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