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Full Name: Morgan Wayne
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Matthew Blood
Time Span: 1952 - 1954


Morgan Wayne is an agent with American Intelligence.

When we first meet him we would not figure him for a government operative for everything he does comes across as a hard-boiled private investigator with an interesting difference in that he does not have a client and does not seem at all interested in getting one. While that is understandably peculiar for a private eye, nothing in his actions point us towards thinking of him as a field operative.

I cannot say much more without giving away vital intel on the first recorded adventure. I will leave it that from the absolute get-go, it is plain to see that Wayne is a man on a mission of some sort but whether that mission is personal or professional or both remains to be seen. One tiny spoiler alert, though, in that the ending of that adventure is surprising even for a jaded reader like myself.

It is the second adventure that we see Wayne donning the more typical cloak and sheathe the dagger but even then he is clearly doing it under protest and totally his own way. One thing we learn about Wayne is that he really does not know any other way of doing things.

One other thing we learn about Wayne in both adventures is that women are apparently unable to resist his charms. Even when he is not in the least trying to entice a member of the fairer sex, they are throwing themselves at him with amazing rapidity and frequency (rather shocking considering these stories were written in the early 50's and not the mid 60's).

This allure Wayne has is interesting in that the description given of him at one point starts to explain why women are looking his way but then ends up making him seem extremely ordinary: "wide shoulders tapered to a lean waist in a faultlessly tailored sport jacket. His clean-shaven features were tanned and regular, and there was nothing about his appearance to distinguish him in the eyes of a casual onlooker from hudreds of other wealthy playboys who might be occupying similar expensive suites in similar hotels of the city. Unless it was his eyes. They were hooded now, and taut at the outer corners ... cold blue of hard ice".

Wayne is a fascinating man who is no stranger to danger and on a close relationship with death. The number of people who leave this life while dealing with Wayne, either as his enemy or, unfortunately, sometimes his friend, is not small.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:1952
Last Appearance:1954

1 The Avenger The Avenger
Written by Matthew Blood
Copyright: 1952

Morgan Wayne has a personal hatred for the drug trade and those who ply their addictive wares to anyone, not caring who got hurt from them. Wayne is determined to strike a major blow against one organization in particular but to do so he must follow the bodies until he reached the top person.
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2 Death Is A Lovely Dame Death Is A Lovely Dame
Written by Matthew Blood
Copyright: 1954

Mari Janezza was the most dangerous spy in the world. She was also one of the most beautiful women alive, which helped her in her chosen profession. The American government knew there was only one man, Morgan Wayne, who stood a chance of stopping her. Wayne himself knew that he was as human as the rest so there was a good chance she would be stopping him.


These spy adventures are also terrific hard-boiled detective novels. Just look at the title for the second one - "Death Is A Lovely Dame". You cannot get much more hard-boiled-ish than that!

And this is not a recently crafted story trying to recapture the feel of the early 50s. This is the real thing, written back then taking place back then. It feels authentic because it, well, is.

Such a life poor Wayne has. All those many dames needing his close personal attention and him needing to be out on the street looking for more people to get into tussle with.


My Grade: B


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