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Full Name: John McCready
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Salvage Expert

Creator: Mike Seares
Time Span: 2017 - 2019


John McCready is a diving expert.

We learn a lot about him in this short passage given us early in our introduction to the character: "In his early forties, fifteen of which had been in saturation diving, McCready lived for the job. It had seen a marriage come and go, and time since then had been in total dedication to the work. It was, after all, not a profession you could take lightly."

As for description, around the same time we are given a pretty good description of the man with: "He was just under six foot tall, with broad shoulders and a rugged, weather-beaten face that had been around the world and back again. He had piercing blue eyes and a hint of stubble that was occasionally allowed to flourish into something greater, but at the moment was tamed to a mere shadow across his face. Behind the subtly handsome features, lay a quiet yet steely determination that was rarely prone to anger, but that right now could well be put to the test."

From the description of his profession, it is obvious that McCready is not and would not want to be an agent. He had found his life's work and was happily doing when life steps in the way and pushes him into that kind of work though only because he is so good at being, like I said, a diving expert.

With so much of this planet comprised of oceans and the need to transit those waters so important for trade and security, it is not surprising that many a times comes when vessels do not make it to their intended destination and instead sink far beneath the surface. With those oceans being so deep and working in them so treacherous, when items vital for national security disappear below the waves, the need of the Intelligence communities shift from an operative to a diving expert, like McCready. Whether he wants it or not.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 Deep Steal Deep Steal
Written by Mike Seares
Copyright: 2017

On a salvage operation recovering stolen Russian gold from a German U-boat, John McCready suffers a major loss and the anger from that event drives him to get vengeance from a very powerful and resourceful enemy.
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2 Deep Impact Deep Impact
Written by Mike Seares
Copyright: 2019

John McCready was on this assignment because he was given an ultimatum, not because he wanted it. A satellite was falling and its secrets needed to be pulled from beneath the ocean's surface and McCready is the best man for the job but he has to wonder if those assisting him can be trusted.
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I am a nut for underwater adventure novels even though my long ago and far too short a time scuba diving never took me that particularly deep and frankly, I think I would be as leery with deep depths as I am with high heights.

Nevertheless, reading about the sort of things that McCready does is a hoot and I can enjoy imagining me doing cool stuff like he does - minus the having people try to kill you while you do it. I don't like imagining that.

McCready is fixated on his work and not failing an assignment. That doggedness will cause for some exciting action where most people would just throw up their hands and say they were history.


My Grade: B+


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