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Full Name: Ethan Harris and Amy Knight
Nationality: British
Organization: None
Occupation Other - IT Specialist

Creator: Frank Daly
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Ethan Harris is an IT specialist.

Amy Knight is an investigative journalist.

The activities that bring these two people who, prior to the first recorded adventure did not know each other - had never met - take place in 2015.

First on Harris. We first meet him in 2015 as he prepares to bury his wife, Rachel, the victim of murder. He is left with their two-year-old daughter, Katy, who is being watched largely by his mother-in-law, a woman who always thought Harris was beneath her and her late daughter. Harris, a man in his early 40's, is IT director at MitaSimi, "a small investment bank noted for punching well above its weight in the financial world". Getting by and providing for his daughter seems to be his only goal.

Second on Knight. She has been a reporter for quite some time; her "first big story ... took place in Berlin in the 1991; it was on East Berliners' attitudes after the fall of the Wall" and her experience dealing with both the Stasi during the end of East Germany's existence and with the BND after the reunification is substantial. In the latter case it was not really to suppress her reporting, it seems, but to learn who was leaking secret information to her. Nevertheless, her experience dealing with German intelligence communities is extensive, albeit from the outside perspective.

As mentioned above, Harris and Knight do not know each other and neither of them is employed in any way by any governmental intelligence department. They will, however, get thrown together by people who do work for such organizations and to stay alive, both will have to learn a lot of tricks decidedly outside their normal lives.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

1 The House Always Wins The House Always Wins
Written by Frank Daly
Copyright: 2016

The murder of his wife, Rachel, is followed by a computer hacking attack at the bank where he works. Then Ethan Harris is mugged on the street and his belongings stolen. When DCI Scott began looking into the murder he found that Harris was deeply in trouble due to gambling so he became a prime suspect. When Harris looked into Rachel's things, though, Harris saw a connection to GCHQ, MI6, and the German BND. And Amy Knight, known to none of these, was seeing other intriguing items.
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2 The New Frontier The New Frontier
Written by Frank Daly
Copyright: 2017

Amy Knight became aware of the trouble when Axel Mueller called her from Berlin and she heard the shouting and the gun shots. Contacting her friend Ethan Harris who was in that city on business already, she soon flew there to join him in learning what had happened. In short order both Harris and Knight are being watched by the BND as they uncover information about the activities of two BND agents back when they were with the Stasi.
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3 Darkness Before Dawn Darkness Before Dawn
Written by Frank Daly
Copyright: 2018

Ethan Harris is in Berlin again, this time looking into a man named Andreas Keller, known for violence in his neo-Nazi days. When Harris uncovers evidence linking Keller with a group called the NeoHacker, known for their own form of violence, he is joined by his girl friend Amy Knight as clues lead them both to a plot involving something called the UberKon, said to be population control software.
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This is another really enjoyable 'partner' series in which two people join together to take on the bad guys; in this case they come from different directions with absolutely no reason to trust or believe the other. That can make it fun or annoying. This was is fun.

I have a tendency to prefer the female character in a him/her duet and this remains valid for the Harris-Knight team-up. I like Harris and really like Knight. Both are pretty good in the smarts department with he having a technical edge, (IMHO) and she having a wisdom one.


My Grade: B+


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