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Full Name: Mike Ducane
Series Name: Shadow Forces Series
Nationality: American
Organization: DIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sean Wilson
Time Span: 2016 - 2016


Mike Ducane is an agent with the DIA.

As we learn early on with this highly lethal weapon, "Mike Ducane hadn't applied to join the DIA. They'd approached him directly the month he was due to complete his last tour with Special Forces. Suddenly he was faced with the prospect of doing the same kind of work but for a lot more money plus the kind of operational freedom that would probably make his life a lot easier. His Commanding Officer had actually encouraged him to join. It was another way to serve his country and the CO had hinted that he would be taking up a senior position in the upper echelons of the DIA within the year. In other words, with a lazy wink of the eye and a slow nod, the CO made it abundantly clear that he would still be Mike's boss. And Special Forces people always took care of their own. Mike would be in good hands."

'Good' is relative, of course. While Ducane might not have any complaints per se about his treatment by the department, he was smart enough to know that "in the cloak and dagger ranks of the DIA, he was expendable". "With his extensive spec ops experience, Mike had been contracted as a highly-paid mercenary, a deniable operative who could undertake difficult and sensitive missions behind enemy lines but someone who was ultimately considered as an expendable asset. The State Department had no intention of exposing Delta Force or the Seal Teams to the risk of capture. They would never countenance the prospect of seeing their specialist, elite troops tortured on camera and publicly beheaded for the benefit of the psychos and fanatics who were waging jihad on every continent. That's where the DIA filled a very important role in US government foreign policy, operating behind enemy lines, targeting enemy commanders, capturing or killing their targets and escaping into the night like shadows."

One of those shadows was Ducane and in it he thrived. As we are reminded when he thinks back to his interview with the DIA's psychiatrist during his interview process, it wasn't just that Ducane has the mindset to handle the extreme stress of constant danger while working on his own, he loved it. He was definitely not suited for a normal 9-5 job with a wife and kids waiting at home.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2016

1 Mercenary Mission Mercenary Mission
Written by Sean Wilson
Copyright: 2016

In any war it is often very difficult to tell friend from enemy. That is especially true for Mike Ducane operating in Syria when a billion dollars in pure heroin becomes involved.
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2 Russian Roulette Russian Roulette
Written by Sean Wilson
Copyright: 2016

America is very concerned about the Russians helping in Syria. That concern gets a bit more when DIA agent Mike Ducane is captured by the Russian in the warzone and taken in for interrogation. Ducane is determined to survive and to get even.
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In the opening words of the first adventure, we learn two things of importance when a big, burly fellow tries to cold-cock Ducane with a surprise attack in an alley: 1) Mike Ducane is a natural born bruiser who can take a good punch as well as deliver an even harder one, and 2) you shouldn't try such tactics with him because he doesn't like that.

Oh, there is a 3) and that is these two adventures are filled with lots and lots of action with a good number of people trying to take down Ducane with fists and guns and other dangerous things and he never takes it well. Nor do they work.


My Grade: B


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