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Full Name: James Donovan
Nationality: American
Organization: NESO
Occupation Agent

Creator: Roberto Weir
Time Span: 2017 - 2019


James Donovan is an agent with NESO.

I can find no reference to what that acronym stands for. It appears to be based out of the Pentagon which makes sense as Donovan is an active member of the military but beyond that, I have no idea.

As for Donovan, we do learn quite a bit about him early on. He is described as being "an ex-army ranger, who had for the past two years spent most of his time working for the National Security Agency, seconded from the Special Operations Unit of the Pentagon. But he did jobs which only a few operatives were cleared to perform. With a direct pipe-line to the President, he moved into White House grounds, interacted with CIA and FBI alike, and with only a no name picture badge ID: AAA-1A. He even entered security turnstiles with his weapon".

Further we are told that "most CIA/FBI and domestic officials knew that James Donovan was a smooth operator, who could easily compare favorably to MI6's James Bond". In appearance we know that "he was a good-looking man, who although turning forty in 3 months, was still handsome, strong and virile by anyone's standards. He felt that he was congenial, had some humor, in his own way, full of caring for the innocent and the elderly, and was known to give his last for someone else's benefit".

We also learn that Donovan holds the rank of Colonel in the military. He is said to have turned down a promotion to General likely because that would have forced his departure from the field.

Our first contact with 'Dono', as his friends call him, is clearing a bar that he apparently owns in Key West. His boss at NESO (or perhaps former boss), a former Pentagon strongman named Brady elected four years before to the Senate but still maintaining control of NESO, had directed Donovan to take a vacation until he was called for. That had been four months before and Donovan was more than anxious to be back into action.

In the course of the adventures we have of Donovan, his organization will change from NESO to one called CTU (I presume Counter-Terrorism Unit) but his close connection to both Senator Brady and the White House will remain extremely tight.

He will also meet and become extremely close to Magdalena Gonzales, a beautiful woman who goes from being the administrative assistant (and near god-daughter) to Brady to being pulled into the military with the rank of Captain to serve with Donovan. Their relationship will grow quickly resulting in their marriage soon after.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2019

1 South Beach Salsa South Beach Salsa
Written by Roberto Weir
Copyright: 2017

A fictionalized account of the normalization of relations between Cuba and the US. As Cuba appears to be opening itself up to foreign investments, the race begins to control the telecom business on that island. It also becomes the locale for a new plot to eventually bring down the US government.
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2 Judge And Jury Judge And Jury
Written by Roberto Weir
Copyright: 2017

When learning of a plot by several thousand US soldiers and a good number of right-wing mercenaries to kill the current President and stage a coup, James Donovan knows he and his team must find a way to stop them but Donovan has no confidence in anyone in government to not be on the other side.
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3 The Istanbul Conspiracy The Istanbul Conspiracy
Written by Roberto Weir
Copyright: 2017

James Donovan and Maggie are in Europe on their honeymoon when they receive word that two American students, offspring of GOP Senators, have been kidnapped on a train to Istanbul. The Donovans are asked to help in the matter because both the CIA and the FBI are having internal issues.
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4 Undercover Diplomats Undercover Diplomats
Written by Roberto Weir
Copyright: 2019

The murder at the UN headquarters in New York is what brings James Donovan and his team into this latest mission. Donovan is given the assignment to be provide protection for the Chinese ambassador, Madam Woo, and her aide-de-Camp. The clues to who and what is behind it all will take them to Africa, specifically both Angola and South Africa.
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5 The Poisoned Perfume The Poisoned Perfume
Written by Roberto Weir
Copyright: 2019

An Englishman with a major grudge against the US is planning to ship hundreds of bottles of poisoned perfume from Paris to the States. A cover for the activity is the rioting going on in both Paris and Brussels which make things difficult for James Donovan and his team to operate.
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These adventures, which I enjoyed for the lightness of their touch which made reading them easy and a pleasure, might should have been listed as novellas because of their size. I instead chose to regard them as 'really short books'. And I mean really short books.

Donovan is an entertaining fellow who is a couple of notches past a bit too perfect but sometimes it is fun to read about a guy that, had you known him in real life, you would either stand in awe of him or walk away in annoyance for not being him.


My Grade: B


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