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Full Name: Steven Pinder and Ian Turner
Codename: Spider
Nationality: British
Organization: BISS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Allan Turner
Time Span: 2015 - 2019


Steven Pinder is an agent with the BISS.

Ian Turner is a CEO of a computer software company.

According to the synopsis of the British Intelligence Special Service (BISS), the "organisation is believed to have been in existence, in one form or another for many years, albeit having several name changes along the way. It is also believed, was initially set up by Elizabeth I for her personal protection. The existence of BISS known only by a few was formally recognised in 1837 when, after the death of William IV, Lord Melbourne informed the young Victoria of its existence.  In 1841 according to some notes made by Robert Peel, Queen Victoria advised him and the then Home secretary Graham, that they should be aware of the Royal Secret Service, which at that time was headed by Lord Palmerstone. Today this organisation is government funded, although its first allegiance is still to the Monarch".

We are further told that "the current Director of BISS is Sir Peter Thompson-Smythe, a former officer in the 'Household Cavalry'. Sir Peter's involvement with the other National Security Services is limited to a consultancy basis only. However, all matters deemed secret and of national interest are formally passed over Sir Peter's desk. It is thought by the higher echelons of MI5, MI6, Special Branch and SAS, that BISS, over the years, had put together its own very secret and elite force of agents.  Although never remarked upon by Sir Peter, it has been noticed on many occasions, just how often BISS manages to come up with facts that could have only been obtained by someone on the inside of a terrorist or some other anti-British group. One such agent was Steven Pinder, code name, Spider".

Pinder, though English by nationality, has a Spanish mother from whom he inherited his good looks and Mediterranean complexion, allowing him to blend in anywhere near that area. His father had been at the time of his birth the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and had spent the first eight years in the embassy in Riyadh, at which time he was sent to boarding school in England. He "could speak fluent Arabic and Spanish as well as English of course. Within one term at Winchester [Boys School] he was also pretty adept at French" and it was then that he was noticed by the BISS Director and watched from then on. Pinder "has a natural gift for languages; by the time he had got to Oxford he was fluent in Russian, German and Hindi".

After Pinder graduated from college he went through three years of intensive training with the Parachutists and then the SAS. He has been an agent with BISS for a few years already when we meet him, his cover day job being a Major in the Royal Marines as part of the SBS. He is single and lives, when not on base, in a very nice boat.

Ian Turner is a computer programming specialist. We meet him in the second adventure with Pinder and he will become a friend and colleague of sorts to Pinder. Turner is a man dedicated to his work ever since his live-in girl friend had left him for another man a decade before, taking his much loved daughter with her. He "set up his own software company 'IT Telecoms', specializing in telecommunications. The company expanded at a great rate and following the award of a government contract, the business took on the hardware package as well, offering full communication systems". As we are told, his former lover and her new boyfriend had been employees of GCHQ before heading to Canada and now Turner's company, after developing an especially useful software program, saw that piece of code "installed in the bowls of GCHQ Cheltenham donut", being an important part of the entire Secret Service network.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2019

The first three books are refered to as a trilogy by the author or publisher. The first book has us introduced to Steven Pinder where we watch him learn of and get involved in the matters central to the trilogy. Ian Turner is not yet a part of things. The second book shows how Turner becomes enmeshed in the troubles, with Pinder not playing any role. The two meet and become friends in the third and final book as they work to solve a very thorny problem.

The two are put to work again in a different matter in the fourth book.

Note: one interesting fact is the author, Allan Turner, has named the father of Ian Turner after himself.

1 A Web Of Conspiracies A Web Of Conspiracies
Written by Allan Turner
Copyright: 2015

Book 1 of the trilogy
A plot by a Russian billionaire seeks to disrupt relations between England and Saudi Arabia. It will involve a Saudi prince being assassinated on British soil with the West being blamed. Things get complicated even more when that prince starts up a relationship with Princess Alice, wife of the heir to the British throne. Steven Pinder is given the task of stopping the assassination but then eliminating the couple in a way that will not fall back on the government.
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2 A Time On The Hill A Time On The Hill
Written by Allan Turner
Copyright: 2017

Book 2 of the trilogy
Haverton Hill is a small town in England that had been the victim of chemical fallout, the results of which will present a problem a half century later. Ian Turner was in the area only on a lark to learn if a photo in an old book was his grandfather. He did not expect to become involved in a CIA plot to use the same weapon that had affected Haverton Hill in Iraq. Turner also did not plan on having to deal with the Agency being willing to do anything to cover it up.
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3 A Seeker A Seeker
Written by Allan Turner
Copyright: 2017

Book 3 of the trilogy
Ian Turner invents a device that is capable of tracking, and then using, any item that can transmit, audio or visual. Demonstrating it to the head of BISS, he accidentally see something he should not have, something that can bring down the Monarchy. Steven Pinder is assigned to help keep him alive but Pinder does not know that someone is planning on eliminating him as well.
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4 The Dirty Work The Dirty Work
Written by Allan Turner
Copyright: 2019

Steven Pinder is happily retired but is brought back by his old boss to take care of a warlord known as the Butcher of the Bosnians. He is reunited with his friend Ian Turner and the two of them, joined by their wives, go about the process of bringing down a man who has become very powerful through his arm dealings, drug running, and slavery.
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The first book in the series was pretty entertaining but the series really picks up steam when, in the second book, Ian Turner gets into the picture. Of course, being a computer programmer by profession, I have a predisposition for any geek-ish character. 

This is a partnership series which does not start out that way. By that I mean the first book is Pinder only, the second is Turner only, and the two get thrown together in the third. The fourth takes place a bit later with the two men as solid friends.


My Grade: B


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