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Full Name: Jana Baker
Nationality: American
Organization: FBI
Occupation Agent

Creator: Nathan Goodman
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Jana Baker is an agent with the FBI.

Her membership in a compendium devoted to more cloak and dagger sorts comes from her work and expertise in fighting the ever-present and, unfortunately, often sophisticated world of terrorism. While most of her targets are located in the Middle East, through technology, the perpetrators can and do work anywhere.

Baker came to this line of work indirectly in that her first real job in her expertise of accounting was with a major player in computer technology, the prestigious Petrolsoft. It was actually just an internship but it was a prize achievement and one she had definitely earned. She graduated second in her class in college, maintaining her impressive GPA while also holding the position of captain in her track team. Her ultimate goal was to "be involved in international stock trading" and her internship was just the first rung in the ladder she had to climb.

She could not have expected or known that she would not rise any higher. Getting a job with a company who was secretly working with terrorists can have a deleterious effect on a planned career. When she agreed when asked to help prove her employer was dirty, she in effect made a strange lateral move, ending up using her accounting skills with the FBI fighting other terrorist organizations.

Baker has a very impressive brain housed in the quite attractive, athletic body. She also has a lot of drive to have achieved what she has. It would have been easy to just stay on the farm in Tennessee where she was raised by her grandparents but she knew from the time she became a teenager that her destiny lay elsewhere, as much as she loved it there. She could never have imagined that instead of a future in business, working as a stock trader, it would include fighting some very nasty enemies of her country, and acquiring one especially powerful and dedicated nemesis.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

The order the adventures came out is different than the one I display below because the first adventure mentioned here, Protocol One, came after several of the subsequent ones. It is really a novella but in the listings I have seen recently, it is listed as the "first book" in the series and is a prequel which should be read first. Hence my order.

1 Protocol one Protocol one
Written by Nathan Goodman
Copyright: 2017

Jana Baker is excited beyond words to be up for a fantastic internship at the huge and powerful Petrolsoft especially when the final interview is with the CEO. Then a government agent fills her in on what has been happening at the company and asks her to be the Agency's eyes and ears inside.
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2 14th Protocol 14th Protocol
Written by Nathan Goodman
Copyright: 2016

The American people have had it with terrorist attacks now reaching nearly a dozen in number. That is when Jana Baker, recent addition to the Bureau, comes across a secret CIA operation and realizes she is the only one who can stop it, if she lives long enough.
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3 Protocol 15 Protocol 15
Written by Nathan Goodman
Copyright: 2016

To Jana Baker, the face of terror is literally that of Waseem Jarrah. He haunts her at the worst times and that includes now more than ever since she has learned he possesses a nuclear weapon and plans on using it in the States.
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4 Breach Of Protocol Breach Of Protocol
Written by Nathan Goodman
Copyright: 2016

If possible the demon that plagues Jana Baker, terrorist Waseem Jarrah, has become even worse with his success attack. Now he is planning on using a nuclear weapon along the San Andrea fault, resulting in the deaths of millions.
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5 Rendition Protocol Rendition Protocol
aka Protocol 17
Written by Nathan Goodman
Copyright: 2017

With a new life and a new identity, Jana Baker had hoped she could put the old terrors behind her. Then a CIA agent goes missing and when the Agency does nothing, she know she has to step in even if that puts her in the spotlight again.
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An interesting line said to Baker by her new boss, the FBI Director, was that "what [she is] stepping into is neither a job nor a career. What we have is a lifestyle". Not sure why I found that noteworthy - I just do.

I really liked Jana Baker and I enjoyed very much following her career in these adventures. This is by no means a light-hearted series but there are a good number of scenes in these books that will bring a grin to the reader's face, especially when Baker does something that no one expects a pretty little thing like her doing, such as the time she has a gun pointed at her by a police officer, whereupon she swiftly disarmed him, pointed it at his face for a moment, and then "disassembled the weapon so fast he couldn't see anything but gun parts dropping all over the ground. After that she gave them no trouble. Scared the s**t out of the guy, though".


My Grade: A-


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