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Full Name: Sister Jacobine
Series Name: Nun With A Gun
Nationality: British
Organization: Vatican
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mark Posey
Time Span: 2020 - 2021


Alice Fisher, Sister Jacobine, is an agent of the Pope.

By that I mean that she is the assassin for the Pontiff; the tool to used when nothing else will work and the problem to be solved must be done with the most final of options. Keeping this particular option secret is understandably quite important and it has been so for the several hundred years that Sister Jacobine has been working at the job.

In most instances when speaking of a person having been doing a task for 'hundreds of years' it would be taken that different people have been filling the role over those many decades but not in this case. Here, Sister Jacobine who is using the covername of Alice Fisher, is the same person throughout.

"My name isn't Alice Fisher. I have no idea what my birth name is. Was. Since my fifteenth year, I have been Sister Jacobine of the Order of Fontevraud, Amesbury Priory, Wiltshire. I currently reside in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. I am here at the behest of his holiness, Pope Benedict the Seventeenth."

That is the first glimpse of the truth behind her. We learn soon thereafter that she was born on Christmas Day in the year 1491. Her parents, being very poor and unable to provide for another girl child, left her with the nuns at the Priory, a not unusual event in those days. And for the next couple of years there seemed nothing unusual about the child; she was a normal baby and then little girl. That normalcy changed drastically when she was around 3 and an accident happened in the play yard and she was accidentally hurt in the face very badly with much blood and what would likely have been permanent facial damage. But as the attending nuns were cleaning her up, they literally watched her body heal itself. Within minutes, there was no sign of any trauma except the drying blood.

The times being what they were, it would not have been surprising to have the little girl declared a witch and something horrible done (or tried to be done) to her. Luckily for her the Mother Superior took the opposite view and decided her gift was one from God. For the next dozen years she remained with the Order and took the vows herself. We are not told (as of this writing) how she went from being a nun in a convent to being the enforcement arm for every Pope since that time but it has to be a fascinating story itself.

The Sister is by no means invulnerable. In the course of the short adventures we have so far of her, she is shot a couple of times but her miraculous healing begins immediately from the inside out, pushing the foreign bullet out of her as it happens. She has also over the years learned that her blood carries that healing power with it and can be used to help others if applied in time.

Sister Jacobine appears to be around 25 years of age, the point where her aging finally stopped. She is described as being very beautiful albeit quite short with the top of her head often not coming to the shoulders of the men she has to confront. Her body has been maintained in splendid fighting condition and over the years she has learned a wide assortment of fighting styles as well as being constantly up-to-date with any weaponry from swords to muskets to pistols.

"She was glad the requirement of wearing a habit had been done away with years ago. Although she did prefer to wear the traditional black veil with white banding, the long and flowing robes always snagged on the barrel of the gun and the blood stained them. Knives and short broadswords had also been a problem. The habit had often ended up torn, in addition to bloody."

Though she is now over five hundred years old, Sister Jacobine has maintained many of her ingrained attitudes. She does not like swearing. She prefers to use older terms for things, such as calling any policeman 'constable'. She is also quite human, though, and sparingly enjoys the pleasure of the opposite sex (she strives to not get closely attached to anyone since she hates seeing them age and die). She is definitely not adverse to Bushmills, taking it usually neat.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2021
Last Appearance:2021

1 The Book Of Jacobine The Book Of Jacobine
Written by Mark Posey
Copyright: 2021

Combines the six novellas shown below previously released separately.
"The Pope calls Alice Fisher—Sister Jacobine—his giusta mano destra or “righteous right hand.” At his behest, she deals with those who step outside of the Church’s doctrines and, through their actions, dishonor His Holiness. Alice’s unique skillset and God-given gifts make her particularly well-suited as the Pope’s enforcer."
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Number of Stories:6
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Feet of Clay Feet of Clay
Written by Mark Posey
Copyright: 2020

Bishop McGinty in Philadelphia has gotten far too close to his altar boys and His Holiness the Pope sends Sister Jacobine to have a 'talk' with him. Unfortunately, the police in that city want her held for murder.
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2 A Port in the Storm A Port in the Storm
Written by Mark Posey
Copyright: 2020

One of the Pope's trusted advisors is certain that having an assassin working for His Holiness is a bad idea and the best way to handle it is to eliminate that operative. Ironically, that means sending a hit team to take her out. This, however, will prove difficult because Sister Jacobine has been in her line of work for many years.
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3 Excommunication Excommunication
Written by Mark Posey
Copyright: 2020

It has been a few weeks since the Vatican black ops team tried to kill her but Sister Jacobine was far too experienced to think the attempts were over. She was quite upset, however, when they attacked her friend, Detective Rafferty, and left him for dead outside a precinct as a lure. Then they kidnapped his wife and daughters. They wanted to bring the Sister to them. They got their wish.
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4 Requiem Mass Requiem Mass
Written by Mark Posey
Copyright: 2020

Giovanni Buscaglia was the Cardinal Secretary of State for the Vatican and the man behind the attempts to eliminate Sister Jacobine. His visit to Philadelphia, along with the four trained bodyguards, meant she was certain to come to him and she did. She did not expect to learn a truth that would be so painful.
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5 Den of Lions Den of Lions
Written by Mark Posey
Copyright: 2020

The FBI has stepped into the investigation over Bishop McGinty's murder. They have the video of the crime. They have her fingerprints. They claim to have proof the Pope ordered the hit. And they have Sister Jacobine in their interrogation room. She has some tricks of her own.
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6 The Narrow Gate The Narrow Gate
Written by Mark Posey
Copyright: 2020

Finding a priest with a bullet wound to the forehead and a cross of blood drawn over it made Detective Rafferty think of Sister Jacobine, naturally, since that was her style. When she assumes him it was not her, he believed her because lieing was not either. So who was the copycat?
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Oh boy! There is no way I should have enjoyed this series of short stories as much as I did but since they are really, really fast reads and I was hooked from the beginning, I tore through them in no time at all and loved them.

And when you read these very quick reads, if you do, you likely will shake your head at this crazy old man who got such a kick out of 500-year old nun. I will not blame you; I chuckled about it myself each time I finished one of these stories and then immediately started the next.

And the thing that grabbed my attention was the "Nun With A Gun" series title. With such a bizarre title how could I not check it out (I was similarly drawn by the television show Warrior Nun).

However, strange factor aside, I did enjoy the series. Honest. For real.


My Grade: B


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