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Full Name: Nadia Laksheva
Nationality: Russian
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: J. F. Kirwan
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Nadia Laksheva is a freelance agent.

That is so totally wrong and yet finding something more accurate that fits in one sentence is probably impossible.

We first meet Laksheva when she is just turning 18 and is leaving her home in the country for a new life in the huge city of Moscow. That is where her sister, Katya, lives. She did not want to be like her sister who earned her living pleasuring men but she wanted to be near her so she lived in a tiny apartment and worked two jobs just to survive but the two young women spent a lot of time together and she was happy.

Then she met Viktor at a party with Katya and she went with him to his bed and in the morning he left money on the dresser and she knew in her own way she was now like Katya. The relationship with Viktor lasted six months but then he was arrested for who knows what and because she had accepted his money, she was tossed into a prison as an accessory ('receiving stolen funds') and told the next dozen years would be spent there.

That is when the man Katya answered to, the powerful gangster Kadinsky, visited her in prison and gave her a chance to get out. At least out from behind bars. She would still be a prisoner of sorts to him for the next five years.

The deal was straightforward. Kadinsky told her, "You'll work for me for five years. Your training will take three, including eighteen months in Britain. I want your English impeccable - not like a newsreader, like a local. Do ten ops for me, then I'll let you both go. Ten ops, five years. Then svoboda ... freedom".

That is how Laksheva became an agent. The freelance part which was not really freelance at all? That would come in time.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 66 Metres 66 Metres
Written by J. F. Kirwan
Copyright: 2016

Nadia Laksheva is just days from being free of her 5-year commitment to Kadinsky. Her final mission, however, will move her into the world of international espionage as she is ordered to get hold of The Rose, a mysterious but highly desired military weapon.
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2 37 Hours 37 Hours
Written by J. F. Kirwan
Copyright: 2017

For doing her job, Nadia Laksheva has sat in a British prison for the past 2 years. Then she is surprisingly offered her freedom if she will do one job. That is to retrieve from her deadliest enemy, the terrorist known as the Client, the nuclear weapon he has obtained and is planning to use to destroy London.
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3 88 Degrees North 88 Degrees North
Written by J. F. Kirwan
Copyright: 2017

Knowing she has only weeks to live, Nadia Laksheva is truly on the last mission of her life and she is determined to finish it. The one known as Salamander, the person who killed her father and sister, has a major terrorist attack in play; take control of a section in the Arctic that holds one of the largest known oil fields and use it to change the climate for decades. Nadia is out to stop it.
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This is a trilogy. I don't think I actually read that but that is the way it feels to me. As a result, I really recommend reading them in order to enjoy them all the more.

Now, in my opinion the author could continue the adventures of Laksheva but as it is, the end is pretty interesting so ... maybe not.

I liked Nadia a lot. She had what turns out to be a bad decision out of an affair of the heart and then cemented it out of an intense devotion to her sister. She cannot be blamed for either. The SOBs who take advantage of her because if it, well, whole different story.


My Grade: B+


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