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Full Name: Charlie Jones
Nationality: American
Organization: Australian Security Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: T. J. Slee
Time Span: 2015 - 2016


Charlie Jones is an agent with the Australian Security Service.

She is when we first meet her. Life for her will change - quite a bit, actually - but that is the job she holds on our introduction. Her area of expertise is the Kurdish situation and how it connects to security for Australia.

As she puts it early on, "Call a travel agent about flights to Syria? Travelled to southern Turkey to visit relatives? Post a tweet that your second cousin is visiting from Aleppo? Ooh, bad luck. You're associated, man. And if you live in Sydney, chances are Charlie Jones (that's me, should have introduced myself earlier) is gonna be coming to interview you".

Case in point is the fellow she is investigating, Serwan, who everyone says is just sending back money to his grandmother in Syria to help her emigrate to Australia. Jones' concern, though, comes from the fact that "Grandmother must be saving up to migrate to the moon, the amount of money Serwan is sending home"; hence her visit.

So Jones' job is mostly to locate newcomers to her country from less than nice places and that is not easy because Australia is a large place and twenty-some million citizens and often those she is looking for do not want to be found. What her job is not, if you asked her, is getting shot at and kidnapped and blown up. At least it is not supposed to be.

Maybe that is why as the adventures of Charlie Jones continue, she has a change in occupation. A pretty interesting one, when one thinks about it. There are not that many operatives like Jones who move to a convent. To become a nun. Told you it was interesting.

Funny thing, though. Even there some strange things will happen. Like the visit of the Pope and the need to keep him alive.

Jones has an unusual life.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2016

1 B.U.G. B.U.G.
Written by T. J. Slee
Copyright: 2015

A Kurdish traffic cop who is in hiding in Australia is the best chance of finding a missing Delta Force soldier so Charlie Jones is tasked with finding the first guy to help find the second.
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2 Cloister Cloister
Written by T. J. Slee
Copyright: 2015

Charlie Jones is no longer with the Austarlian Security Service. Now she is in a convent. Then she is needed to help stop the assassination of the visiting Pope
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3 Quack Quack
Written by T. J. Slee
Copyright: 2016

Charlie Jones is about to take her vows to become a novitiate to become a nun. The problem is that she has just been arrested for murder.
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All three of the books about this really unusual character have wonderfully strange events happening in them but their oddities can be typified by the name of the third adventure, Quack, and my plot synopsis: "[She] is about to take her vows to become a novitiate to become a nun. The problem is that she has just been arrested for murder."

Charlie Jones is one of those unique, fascinating characters that you come across far too rarely and who deserve a lot more written about her. Then again, perhaps the author took the attitude that 'less is more'. 


My Grade: B+


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