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Full Name: Walter Berner
Nationality: German
Organization: German Intelligence
Occupation Spymaster

Creator: S. C. Brown
Time Span: 2017 - 2020


Walter Berner is an agent with German Military Intelligence.

The period of time for the adventures of this most interesting man is the early 1940's and the planet is fully engaged in the Second World War. The German military might has been impressive to all who have encountered it but so too has been its phenomenal intelligence gathering. The Teutonic regime has several excellent masters leading the espionage efforts as well as the ever-important counter-espionage work. One of the very best at the latter is Berner.

Berner holds the rank of Major in the Abwehr, the main military intelligence organization in German, established soon after the end of the Great War. He is likely in his late middle-age as he served during that earlier war which meant he certainly would have been born at the end of the 19th century.

We first meet Berner when he is on hand to 'greet' a parachuting British agent in Holland thinking he was meeting with the underground. Berner instead lets him know that Berner controls "a total of forty-eight British and Dutch agents" and telling the new captive that he would become the 49th, 'assuming of course that you want to stay alive'. Berner's total calm and command of the situation was likely even more threatening than the pistols he and his associate were holding.

As impressive as Berner is and as dominating as he can be in his profession of catching and turning enemy agents, Berner is also a realist who sees a future for his country and himself not very much to his liking. As a result, he will choose a path he considers the best for himself, one that would surprise and definitely not please his superiors.

Enter Agent Eve, real name Meredith Robertson, the MI6 operative who will head to Paris to investigate the action of Berner and end up learning a lot more than she expected. 

Described as having "dark hair flecked with silver", Berner is said to possess a "definite military build with an old-fashioned, upright gait". And through all the things that happen to him, his calm demeanor will be a very telling aspect to this man.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2020

1 Initiation Initiation
Written by S. C. Brown
Copyright: 2017

One of the most feared members of German Intelligence, Walter Berner, has always been in the shadows. Until now. Suddenly he is spotted in Paris and the leaders at MI6 have no idea why. To learn the reason, Agent Eve is sent back to the city she grew up. She will find that the rivalry between the Military and the Nazi leadership is amazing and frightening.
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2 Turning Point Turning Point
Written by S. C. Brown
Copyright: 2020

After the assassination attempt on Hitler's life fails, the call to destroy Paris is given by the irate leader. Even as Walter Berner works with Agent Eve and Agent Saxon to prevent the city from suffering, the SS orders Berner to root out anyone even faintly connected to the plot. Doing so may easily reveal his own role as double-agent with the British.
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The various twists that this two-book series make do a good job of keeping these adventures interesting. Berner is a very frightening man who is the protagonist which is why it a bit challenging to either like him or, as would be more expected, despise him.

Luckily for a reader like myself who really wants to be able to root for the 'hero' in a series, there is always the above mentioned Agent Eve, a very interesting woman who shows tremendous determination and who shows herself to be every bit as formidable, IMHO, as Berner.


My Grade: B


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