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Full Name: Alex Boyd
Nationality: American
Organization: DSS
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mel Harrison
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Alex Boyd is an agent with the DSS.

Technically he is a Regional Security Officer, not an agent, as he works for the U.S. Diplomatic Security Service, and as such he is "the principal security attache and advisor to the U.S. Ambassador at American embassies and consulates (Wikipedia)". According to the State Department's website, there are several important tasks assigned to the RSO including serving as the embassy's law enforcement liaison with the host nation but protecting the diplomatic facility and its personnel is by far the most important and tasking.

Our initial meeting with Boyd is when he is the number two man in the RSO office in Islamabad, Pakistan, and is about to be forced to prove how good he can be when the U.S. political scene decides it is more important to take the side of India over that of its arch-rival. It is the late 80s and tension between the two nuclear powers on the Indian subcontinent is as taut as it has been in years. Boyd will be forced to do things his way when the choice between strictly following orders from a Washington which has no real grasp of what it is like in country, or doing what it really takes to keep his charges alive.

Amusingly, when he is moved to Rome as a reward during the second recorded adventure, he will find that life in a "tame" environment like Italy can have some major problems as well and will require a different approach, though it will still call for a lot of action and putting his life at risk yet again.

Boyd is 35 years old when we join up and has been with the State Department for several years. He is single but 'looking'. He is 6'2" in height and makes sure he stays in the best physical condition he can because he knows that his life really does depend on it.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Death In Pakistan Death In Pakistan
Written by Mel Harrison
Copyright: 2019

Pakistani terrorists are highly active targeting Americans in country due to the U.S. support of India. The task of keeping the diplomats and support personnel safe has become extremely difficult for Alex Boyd. It is made even harder when he is told to play softball by the powers that be back in the States.
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2 The Ambassador Is Missing The Ambassador Is Missing
Written by Mel Harrison
Copyright: 2020

After the horrible conditions in Pakistan, Alex Boyd was hoping his transfer to Rome would mean an easier time. No such luck as on his first day he is on hand during a bank heist. Though he made a friend in an Italian VIP, he must deal with a boss who is an old enemy and a girl friend who seems to have mixed feelings. Then the Ambassador and his wife are kidnapped and all problems take a major backseat.
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The persistent instruction to new authors is to write what you know, solid advice to give a piece of work the feeling of authenticity. That is what the author does here having lived the life, well, career of the protagonist so the vibe that resonates throughout both of the adventures feels real.

The job that Alex Boyd is asked to do seems pretty set to fail at times when he is supposed to keep people safe who routinely insist on (or need to be) visiting very unsafe places. It has to make it near impossible to liked and appreciated by those he must protect.

The author not only makes it feel honest, he does so with well crafted prose that keeps the story moving and makes each adventure a lot of fun and a lot of thrills.


My Grade: B+


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