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Full Name: Eric Swan
Nationality: American
Organization: Q2
Occupation Agent

Creator: Dom Testa
Time Span: 2020 - 2020


       Eric Swan is an agent with Q2.
       The blurb I read for the first recorded adventure stated "Eric Swan can be killed - but he can never die. For a government agent hunting the most dangerous domestic terrorists, that comes in handy." With that as the introduction to these stories, how could I not check it out.
       There is an origin short story available about Swan and it does explain how this Special Forces operative came to be moved from the U.S. military to working for Q2 under the direction and highly critical eye of Quanta. That person is described by Swan as "a short Asian woman" whose "age was hard to pinpoint but her body was lean and strong, her movement graceful, and her eyes intensely sharp. She was either looking at me or through me." The one word that Swan landed on to sum her up was "formidable".
       We learn in this prequel story that Swan comes from a background that contained some "tragic losses" that he refuses to talk about. His life in the military has helped him survive and given him a cadre of compatriots that he enjoys working with but by and large Swan is used to working alone and he is good at it. He is also good at getting the job done which is why Quanta and her Q2 outfit was interested in him and therefore recruited him after an introductory mission to see if he could cut it. He did.
       But now back to the opening blurb and the comment that Swan can be killed but cannot die.
       Explaining much more would very much take away from the pleasure of learning it yourself through reading the adventures. I will leave it with the fact that the technology that Q2 has developed, Swan is able to take part in a good number of harrowing escapades, each of which he will do his best to pull off without loss of his life. If, however, that should prove to be not possible, there is always next time.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Power Trip Power Trip
Written by Dom Testa
Copyright: 2020

The technology of Q2 has made Eric Swan a very unique operative but he begins to wonder if it has turned him into a monster. He will need that monster side to take on the brother-sister twins who, with the help of their army of mercenaries, is determined to destroy the US power grid.
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2 Poison Control Poison Control
Written by Dom Testa
Copyright: 2020

The target for Eric Swan in this adventure is a madman who is determined to poison the world's water supply and he has a good number of nasty scholars Swan has to out-think.
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3 God Maker God Maker
Written by Dom Testa
Copyright: 2020

The woman who created the Q2 program has been kidnapped by a former Q2 operative who has gone quite mad. Fighting someone with his own abilities is going to be tricky for Eric Swan. Fighting one who is psychotic is going to be harder.
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4 Field Agent Field Agent
Written by Dom Testa
Copyright: 2020

It was surprising when a tech billionaire switched gears and looked into revamping the country's food supply. Unfortunately he has a not-so-kind motive behind it all and he is using a scientist to help him who has her own nasty objective. It is Eric Swan's job to hunt them down before they can destroy the food chain for the entire planet.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2020
Last Appearance:2020

1 Origin Origin
Written by Dom Testa
Copyright: 2020

Explains how Eric Swan meets the very interesting Quanta and goes from being a member of the Special Forces to becoming a very special operative.


       I love a storyline that has a good hook and this one has a great one. I much appreciated the fact that while the author did not slap you in the face with the explanation right away, he also did not play coy with it either. We learn not too far into the first full adventure how it works and Swan gets to consider himself somewhat like Frankenstein. Although in that analogy he is more the Monster than the Doctor.
       The writing is delightful and I really enjoyed the journey the author took me on. Life throws some strange issues at Swan and the man shows a fantastic resilience to handling them, albeit with a respectful amount of carping. I got a hoot out of Quanta and would definitely agree with Swan's use of the word formidable about her.
       This series has some very good sci-fi elements to it but those help set up the spy-fi scenes, not take away from them.
       As you can tell, I liked the series.


My Grade: A-


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