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Full Name: Regina Livingston
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: I. A. Thompson
Time Span: 2019 - 2019


Regina 'Gina' Livingston is an agent with the CIA.

Analyst, really. At least that what she is designated in the first recorded adventure. Analysts usually stay behind their computer monitors, banging on keyboards; they do not go out into the field where very bad people occasionally try to bang on them. Livingston certainly had no reason to believe otherwise, up until it became that.

We actually first meet her in a short "adventure" while she was nearly the end of her college years. Born and raised just north of Pensacola, Florida and attending the University of Alabama when it takes place, she is on a vacation at the beach when the death from an overdose of pain meds by a friend got her involved in the activities in Iraq that got her friend injured as well as the opiod explosion back home that helped get him hooked. That would lead her to a change in her career path; Intelligence gathering to help keep the troops safe so they might not get hurt and thus not need the drugs.

Step ahead a half decade and we have Livingston working for the CIA as an analyst and proving every day just how good she is at taking data from many sources and coming up with the right answer. This will get her noticed and will lead to a spot in a newly formed task force.

She is told that it was "a task force spearheaded by Interpol. It spans multiple continents and illicit activities ranging from drugs and arms to potentially multiple crimes against humanity. Because of the nature of the investigation, intel will be provided by us and a variety of other agencies. Regina is tasked with analyzing all collected data and providing the different law enforcement teams with actionable reports. Her initial assignment is three months, but that may be extended if needed."

Once with the group, Livingston will continue to be in the analytical section but life will keep pushing her to live action. She will not put up many objections.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Task Force Identity Task Force Identity
Written by I. A. Thompson
Copyright: 2019

Regina Livingston is part of a new task force looking into the activities of a criminal operation working on four continents. The trail will take her to Suriname and a large drug shipment from there to the States, close to her home. From there the leads take her to Europe and then Saudi Arabia where drug money and arms dealing mix.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Crossroads Summer Crossroads Summer
Written by I. A. Thompson
Copyright: 2019

A prequel to the first book. It was to be R&R as Regina Livingston and her friends prepared for a summer of fun at the beach before leaving college. Then an old friend tells her things about her government and some of the things he had learned and now she cannot unhear them and starts to look into it herself. She does not like what she finds
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I've been looking for more about this really enjoyable character but two years after I first encountered so, nothing new has shown up past this one novella and one book. That is a shame because I had run reading about her and really did get to wonder at the end of the full-length adventure what was next coming for her.

Analysis was what I did a lot of in the Navy as a Russian linguist and as a result reading about people in a similar style line of work has always been dear to me. Of course, no one tried to do me bodily harm like happens to Regina. Hers, therefore, is a much more interesting set of stories.

Who knows, something else may come along 


My Grade: B


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