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Full Name: Shirin Reyes
Nationality: Australian
Organization: The Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: Charlie Moore
Time Span: 2014 - 2022


Shirin Reyes is an agent with the Agency.

Exactly which agency is not mentioned. For that matter, exactly what country the Agency for whom she works is not mentioned either. I have listed the nationality of Reyes as being Australian based only on the slimmest of intelligence and could easily be incorrect. One of those sketchy facts is that her boss held the rank of Director of Counter-Intelligence and when having a discussion with a high-ranking government official obviously overseeing his department, he referred to her as Minister. Throw in the fact that the person doing the storytelling (i.e., the author) is Australian. Like I said, sketchy.

From the moment we meet her in the prequel, Reyes, said to be in her late 20's, is a rogue agent. She had more than enough reason. We learn in the first page of that adventure that eighteen months before, her husband Harry, a federal agent, was murdered on the job. According to her, he suffered before his death so if his murder had not been enough to put her in the frame of mind we find her, that would have.

Reyes is slowly but surely working her way up the chain of command, starting with the one who furnished the weaponry used, moving on to who handled the contracting, all to find eventually the top man or woman. Those along the way are going to die but she is giving them, usually, a choice of easy or hard. She does not care which one they choose. The result will be the same.

Prior to her new purpose in life, she had been one of the best agents the Agency had in the field. As one of her immediate superiors remembers of her, "Reyes had been an unparalleled agent when she had worked for him. A pain in the ass, crazy as hell, and the source of many headaches, but she never failed, no matter the cost. In his world, that level of success was all that mattered. Regardless of rules, laws, or intelligence protocols, success warranted certain freedoms. Freedoms that he had readily provided her."

This level of skill is vital to her staying alive for once she starts down the road to learn who had betrayed them, the powers that be against her begin to throw everything and then some at her to put her down permanently. She is not very accommodating to them.


Number of Books:5
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2022

1 Rogue Agent Rogue Agent
aka The Kill Sanction
Written by Charlie Moore
Copyright: 2014

After discovering that there is a plot to take control of all of the nation's intelligence operations with the goal grabbing control of the government, Shirin Reyes know she has to do something about it. That will not only put her like in danger, it will endanger those she loves.
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2 Dead Reckoning Dead Reckoning
aka The Hunted
Written by Charlie Moore
Copyright: 2016

With the death of the Director of Counter Intelligence, the hunt for Shirin Reyes goes up several notches. The best hunt team the Agency has, led by top agent Clint Rollan, is on her trail.
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3 Hard Fall Hard Fall
Written by Charlie Moore
Copyright: 2020

The end is near. Several of those against her have fallen and Shirin Reyes has learned a great deal about those she is fighting. That information can be a blessing or a curse.
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4 Cypher Protocol Cypher Protocol
Written by Charlie Moore
Copyright: 2021

"In the wake of a devastating attack, Rollan and his team have tracked down and captured the men responsible. But when a Top Secret safe house is targeted, one of their own is kidnapped, and the discovery of an explosive file comes to light, no one is safe."

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5 Zeroed Target Zeroed Target
Written by Charlie Moore
Copyright: 2022

"With only two more names on her list, Shirin Reyes is unrelenting in her hunt for the leadership of The Clock. But with those she cares for the most, caught in the crosshairs, can she save them from a new and deadly threat?"

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Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Dark Days Dark Days
Written by Charlie Moore
Copyright: 2017

A prequel to the actions in the first book. Shirin Reyes starts at the bottom of the rung of those involved in her husband's death. That act gets her noticed, as she expected, and it gets a top wet works agent put on her trail. Adam Dark is one of the best but he is going up against her.
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2 Hunting Albert Trickle Hunting Albert Trickle
Written by Charlie Moore
Copyright: 2017

Following the previous novella and still a prequel to the first book. Albert Trickle is the next person on Shirin Reyes' list. He is also been marked for death by the Agency. The question becomes whether she can get to him first.


Here is a very important point to make to any potential adversaries of Shirin Reyes - think again. She can be ... difficult. Difficult to understand at times, tricky to try to control, irksome to try and manage, and deadly to tick off. I mean, she won't kill you just for making her annoyed; she will find other ways of showing her displeasure. But if you go after and do not eliminate her immediately, she will get revenge. Since she is still around, that says a lot.

I really liked following Reyes. I can understand her anger issues and would feel the same way if such things happened to me. I could not 'express' them anywhere as forcefully she does, though.

Her books are fun, fun, fun. And I hope there will be more.

I especially enjoyed the shorter forms. I would love a lot more of them.


My Grade: A-


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