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Full Name: Tommy Malloy
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Comedian

Creator: James Dudley
Time Span: 2016 - 2017


Tommy Malloy is a comedian.

He has been a professional entertainer specializing in comedy for a decade and is now beginning to reap the rewards for the hard work and perseverance he has shown.

"Tommy's comic skills were first honed on a much simpler stage ten years earlier, entertaining his fellow GI's in English dance halls during respites from the front-lines. Eventually, he got the opportunity to perform opening acts for more famous comedians visiting on U.S.O. tours, which gave him the connections he needed to help break into the business. After the war, he made his name performing stand-up in seedy clubs across America, eventually making his way to Hollywood, where he landed some small roles in big movies and big roles in small movies. It was more than enough to make a decent living, but not nearly enough to make him a household name. But now, a new level of stardom awaited him as he began a two-week run of headline shows in one of Paris's hottest clubs."

That is an opening explanation for Malloy's history and it says it quite well. It does not mention in that paragraph something else that is very important to understand when talking about the situations Malloy will face on occasion in the adventures we have of him. That added fact is that during World War II, Malloy was in a parachute regiment which meant that when it came time to fight the enemy, and he did so on several frightening situations, he started it off by leaping out of an airplane into very uncertain situations.

This undoubtedly nerve-wracking experience will prove very useful for both when he has to stand in front of an audience and try his best to make them laugh, as well as when he is thrown involuntarily in front of KGB agents who have come to believe that he is a part of their opposition and needs to be eliminated.

The adventures that Malloy gets involved in take place over different stages in his career and that period of time deals with the start of the Cold War, back before both sides come to an understanding as to when it is alright to use lethal force and when it is not.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2017

1 The Clown Price Of Paris The Clown Price Of Paris
Written by James Dudley
Copyright: 2016

The year is 1954. The location is Paris. American comedian Tommy Malloy is starting to hit it big as he headlines at one of the hottest clubs in town. Then a stranger asks for an odd favor and doing it will pull Malloy into a world of spies and intrigue and into a situation that could end in WWIII.
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2 The Clown Price Of Kowloon The Clown Price Of Kowloon
Written by James Dudley
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1957. The location is Hong Kong. Tommy Malloy is excited over the huge break his career has been given - starring in a musical-comedy movie film called Hong Kong Harry. While filming it, Malloy is asked by the CIA to do a simple mission to recruit local smugglers to bring in bootleg movies into China as a test for future use. This will turn out to be a huge mess as a shipment of arms from the British to Malalya goes missing.
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3 The Clown Price Of Camelot The Clown Price Of Camelot
Written by James Dudley
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1962. The location is America. Tommy Malloy is a huge star with movies earning great returns in the box office and sell-out performances in Vegas. He is even friends with JFK. Then the White House asks a favor - use his connection with the Mob to arrange the assassination of Fidel Castro.
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This series is a delight, one that is a pleasure to start and a great pleasure to follow along. Malloy is a comedian but other than his stand-up routine and his occasional comedic line, which like with all comics sometimes falls flat, this series is not a comedy and it is not meant to be. Neither is it dour and dreary and full of doom-and-gloom. It is just fun.

Poor Malloy gets shanghaied into cloak and dagger work. He doesn't go looking for it as he is have too good a life with his act and his movies and his interviews and his celebrity life. It is not all rosy and perfect but it ain't bad, either. And then the spooks show up.

There are three books in this series and since it has been several years since they came out, there may not be any more but I am grateful for these three. Malloy is an enjoyable fellow to spend a few hours with.


My Grade: A-


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