Full Name: Angela St. Grace
Codename: Knockout
Nationality: American
Organization: G.O.O.D.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Robert Rodi , Louis Small jr.
Time Span: 2001 - 2003


       Angela St.Grace is an agent with G.O.O.D.
       That rather bizarre acronym stands for the Global Organization for the Obliteration of Dastardliness. That last word has for some time been in my collection of words we don't hear enough of these days. According to what we can read about the group, it has been in existence for several decades. The current leader of the agency, Celeste St.Grace, was herself an agent with G.O.O.D. when she had a brief liaison and conceived her daughter, Angela, so we can see the the group is by no means new.
       Angela's father, she learns as the recorded adventures go along, is Damon Devlin who was a young agent for a different intelligence organization back in the day and is now its head. That group has the appropriate name, since it runs afoul of G.O.O.D. all the time, is Extralegal Vendors of Iniquity and Licentiousness. Those letters, of course, allow it to be called E.V.I.L.
       At one point, Angela explains to her best friend the difference in philosophy between the two organizations. Both, she says, are about regulating human affairs. "It's just that one wants to do it through authoritarianism, the other through revolutionary subversion". Clear enough, right?
       As the stories progress, by the way, another group causing trouble for both will come along and it is named H.E.L.L. And there is yet another one with the acronym of H.E.A.V.E.N. Clever name. You can read the stories yourself to learn what they stand for.
       Angela is, when we first meet her, a 24-years old recent college graduate who has been planning for most of her life for the same career her mother had, although the idea she would tell her mother is, well, just no. She is in the best condition anyone could ask of an agent and has fighting skills worthy of any experienced operative. She does, however, like to do things her way and if she could find a way, she would put an "I" in "team.
       Being the daughter of a white father and a black mother, Angela has beautiful cream colored skin. She also has gorgeous blonde hair which is odd since neither parent does. As mentioned she is in fantastic shape and her figure is to die for. We know this because her missions are depicted as graphic adventures and she spends more time out of her apparel than in.
       She is assisted by her partner Go Go Fiasco, a young, handsome, gay fellow agent who shares Angela's apparent dislike for clothing. The two have a brother-sister relationship that is a lot of fun to follow.


Number of Stories:14
First Appearance:2001
Last Appearance:2003


       Research. That is why I looked into the series. Research for this site so I can honestly claim to have look at everything. That has to be the reason, right? Not the incredibly hot, wonderfully drawn female figures (and guys, too, I guess) whose attire, when wearing any, leaves little question. Of course the anatomy of those ladies would make Barbie look minuscule.
       Back in the day we would claim we were perusing the publication for the articles. In the case of Angela St.Grace, aka Codename: Knockout, it would be for the plots and the pithy dialogue.
       Now, before you roll your eyes too much. There is some clever dialogue and some interesting characters and some outrageous plotlines. This is a send-up of spy fiction and it is kinda fun. For a while. Then again, the magazines came out once a month which would have been a good way to read them, not all in one day. Bit of a bosom overload for one day.


My Grade: B


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