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Full Name: Secret Agent F-8
Codename: F-8
Nationality: American
Organization: American Intelligence
Occupation Agent

Creator: Alan Hathway
Time Span: 1937 - 1937


Secret Agent F-8 is an agent with American Intelligence.

That narrows things down a bit as it removed all other nations but from then on, we have no real idea. Since neither of the two recorded adventures are as yet available to me, all I have to go on are the covers of the two publications in which these missions were described, and that is almost nothing because there is no way of knowing which of the stories contained therein are represented by the illustrations on those covers.

So all we really have so far about Secret Agent F-8 is that he belongs to one of the groups mentioned on one of those illustrations: F.B.I., Secret Service, Postal Inspectors, Narcotics, Coast Guard, Customs, Naval Intelligence, and other Government Agents. That same cover mentions the title of the first adventure and lists it as a "Great Spy Novelette" so we can for the most part eliminate Postal Inspectors, Narcotics, Coast Guard, and Customs (yes, they could be connected to espionage adventures but likely not).

That leaves us with the FBI, Secret Service, Naval Intelligence (what about Army/Military Intelligence?) and "other Government Agents". F-8 could logically therefore be a G-Man, T-Man, G2-man (I made that up) or an Other. I took the safe way out and just dubbed him as working for American Intelligence, a wonderful catch-all that says a lot without giving much away.

If someone out there reading this has one or both of these stories and would not mind scanning them for me (they are almost certainly in the Public Domain), I would appreciate it.


Number of Stories:2
First Appearance:1937
Last Appearance:1937

1 Guns For Defense Guns For Defense
Written by Alan Hathway
Copyright: 1937

Published in The Feds November 1937
[plot unknown]

2 Espionage, Inc. Espionage, Inc.
Written by Alan Hathway
Copyright: 1937

Published in The Feds December 1937
[plot unknown]




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