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Full Name: Alex Kovacs
Nationality: Czechoslovakian
Organization: Czech Secret Service
Occupation Agent

Creator: Richard Wake
Time Span: 2018 - 2021


Alex Kovacs is a freelance operative.

That is the best I can describe his situation. However, it is not so much that he works for whomever might be paying him. Rather, it is whoever is available to assist him in his fight against the Nazis.

"I was a magnesite salesman, which is about as exciting as it sounds. My family owned a mine in Czechoslovakia. My father ran the business, and my s**t of a younger brother sat at his elbow. I lived in Vienna and serviced 24 of our clients in Germany and Austria, visiting twice a year, about 120 days on the road altogether. My Uncle Otto, who taught me the business, kept a half-dozen clients in his semi-retirement."

That is how Kovacs describes himself to us when we first meet him. The years is 1937 and tensions politically are extremely tense in both Czechoslovakia where Kovacs was born and raised and to whom he knows he owes allegiance and in Austria where he has lived for past half dozen or more years. There are a lot of people like him that fear the ever-rising threat of German aggression but there are many others who long for it. This means that even as he keeps a wary eye on the border, he also has to watch out for brown-shirts in his own streets, despite their having been banned.

It is in this condition that Kovacs, a man who makes frequent trips throughout Austria and Germany as part of sales route, learns of his beloved uncle's suspicious death and he is approached by Czech Intelligence to unofficially work for them. As he begins to look into the former he agrees to do the latter.

As time very quickly advances, so do the German forces and with the fall of both his homeland and his home in 1938, his espionage work will continue but the people he will be assisting will change from governmental departments to the Resistance.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2021

1 Vienna At Nightfall Vienna At Nightfall
Written by Richard Wake
Copyright: 2018

It is around 1937. Alex Kovacs has just learned that his favorite uncle and a force in the company the family ran has died. As he starts to grieve he is asked by his home country's intelligence bureau to work for them during his routine business trips in Germany. He is willing to do so because as most in Austria where he lives, the looming Nazi threat is frightening. However, when he tries to learn more about his uncles's death, he has to deal with a very untrusting Gestapo captain.
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2 The Spies Of Zurich The Spies Of Zurich
Written by Richard Wake
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1939. Alex Kovacs is living in Switzerland since his home of Austria and his homeland of Czechoslovakia have both fallen to Germany. Though he is now employed in a bank and very much in love, Kovacs is still part of the underground intelligence network. Unfortunately, the news he is learning is something no one wants to believe.
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3 The Lyon Resistance The Lyon Resistance
Written by Richard Wake
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1940. Germany has conquered the Low Countries and France has fallen. Alex Kovacs and his new wife, Manon, have traveled to her home in Lyon where they want to continue their espionage work as they help to create a Resistance cell.
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4 The Limoges Dilemma The Limoges Dilemma
Written by Richard Wake
Copyright: 2019

After an attempt to smuggle Alex Kovacs and his wife out of the Lyon region where the Gestapo was after them, Kovacs must deal with horrible grief when only he makes it. Trying to struggle on, he must deal also with competing Resistance groups as he takes part in sabotage and assassinations and learns to do things he never thought he would.
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5 Paris In Disguise Paris In Disguise
Written by Richard Wake
Copyright: 2019

It is 1943. In France, the lives of Resistance members are proving very short but is it because of good German hunting skills or are they being betrayed from within? Alex Kovacs is now in Paris where he agrees to go undercover to infiltrate the Gestapo.
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6 The Agony Of France The Agony Of France
Written by Richard Wake
Copyright: 2020

Working temporarily with a Jewish cell in the Resistance, Alex Kovacs takes part in a mass killing of German soldiers but the horrible reprisals by the Nazis finds him and many colleagues in Drancy, the French prison used as a way-station to the concentration camps.
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7 To Normandy And Beyond To Normandy And Beyond
Written by Richard Wake
Copyright: 2021

"As the stakes grow at the end of the war, as the Allies invade France on D-Day and as Paris erupts in violence and reprisals, Alex is in the middle of all of it, fighting and wondering. From the unexpected tragedy of Lisieux, to the indescribable horror of a small town along the Seine, to the street fighting and score-settling in the heart of Paris, Alex battles to survive while trying to make sense of it all."
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