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Full Name: Spies Lie
Nationality: American, Israeli
Organization: Mossad
Occupation Agent

Creator: D. S. Kane
Time Span: 2014 - 2-19


Jon Sommers is an agent with Mossad.

Cassandra Sashakovich was an agent with an unnamed American Intelligence organization who would later work with Mossad.

Ann Silbee (later Sashakovich) is a highly skilled computer programmer/hacker.

These three people make up the major players, along with a handful of almost as equally important ones, in a series of adventures where each prove to themselves and to others that as the title says, Spies Lie.

Jon Sommers is a 24-year-old Brit. We get a brief introduction to him a dozen years before where we learn that as a teenager he already spoke "seven languages and read five". He lived with his parents in London and was as normal as most teenagers until he learned his parents had died in a car crash. Jumping back to the present, Sommers had just earned his MBA. He was happily engaged to Lisa and looking forward to their future when he learns she died in a terrorist bombing. He also learned that Lisa had really been Aviva and she had worked for Mossad and had been sent to recruit him to work for them as well just like his parents had which he had never known about. After some hesitation and anger about the deception, Sommers will join Mossad.

Cassandra Sashakovich is a 28-year-old Yank. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford where she also minored in computer science. She had been working for a company helping startups get backing from investors when she learned her fiance serving a tour in Afghanistan had died in an IED explosion. Her life took a temporary spiral down until she was approached by and offered a job with a small unnamed department in the intelligence community. For two years she would perform more than adequately with them until on a mission to Saudi Arabia, her cover was blown, she was assaulted, and she got fired. Shortly afterwards, she would be invited to join Mossad.

Ann Silbee was a Brooklyn born and raised teenage girl when her life turned horrid in a short time. Her mother died. She and her little brother were kicked out of their apartment. Within a week they were assaulted, he was killed and she raped. That was when she ran across Cassandra and would be adopted by her and would soon learn how very, very smart she was with computers.

These three would have their lives entwined over and again in a good many adventures.


Number of Books:10
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2-19

This is an amalgam of really three different sibling series where major characters in one show up in the other but since each of the three major "series" characters get involved with each other's business, the author encapsulated them all into one uniform "Spies Lie" grouping. I thought about separating them but then saw he was right (duh!) so went with what he had.

1 Bloodridge Bloodridge
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2014

Jon Sommers is stunned when he learns his fiancee, Lisa, was killed in a terrorist bomb attack. He is shocked then to be told by visiting spymaster Ben-Levy that Lisa worked for him and been sent to convince Sommers to move to Israel to work for Mossad. When Sommers agrees, his life changes forever.
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2 Deathbyte Deathbyte
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2014

Someone broke into hacker William Wing's apartment in Hong Kong and stole the hard drives. This starts a chain of events that leaves Wing certain he is being hunted for what people think he knows and his Mossad handler, Jon Sommers, out to recover the hard drives. Cassandra Sashakovich is the agent causing the trouble.
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3 Swiftshadow Swiftshadow
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2014

While in Riyadh on a mission, Cassandra Sashakovich has his cover revealed by a mole in her agency. Now staying alive is next to impossible except for the help of a rogue agent named Lee Ainsley and a homeless teenage girl named Ann Silbee.
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4 GrayNet GrayNet
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2014

When Cassandra Sashakovich quit her job as an operative, she then had to fight to find a way to get her boyfriend, Lee Ainsley, out of Gitmo. That involved blackmailing the White House, a very dangerous act especially when the secret she has on the President leaks.
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5 Baksheesh Baksheesh
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2015

Hoping her life as an operative and having to fight the White House and more was over. Cassandra Sashakovich was wanting to get married and stop all the spy business. But an old enemy want revenge on her for previous acts and that will involve going after her, her fiancee, and her adopted teenage daughter.
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6 ProxyWar ProxyWar
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2015

Having been let go from Mossad and nearing the end of his life, Yigdal Ben-Levy wants to reveal one thing to the UN General Assembly but the Russians and the Chinese would rather he die first. To stay alive enough to carry it off, he needs help from Jon Sommers and Cassandra Sashakovich and friends.
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7 CypherGhost CypherGhost
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2016

A computer hacker whose boyfriend was wrongly put into prison for stealing FBI secrets and died there. She decides to get even with the people involved and one is on a plane she targets via computer, dooming all onboard. One passenger is Ann Silbey Sashakovich and she has a different ending in mind.
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8 MindField MindField
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2017

Ann Sashakovich is a sophomore at Stanford and crazy about senior Glen Sarkov, also the CEO of a startup which has the interest of a venture capitalist. Unfortunately, taking his money puts Sarkov and Ann in deep in a conspiracy that can get them killed unless Cassandra and Jon can help out.
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9 Brain Bender Brain Bender
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2-19

Now a junior at Stanford, Ann Sashakovich has entered a contest to create the most advanced AI. Unfortunately, one of the teams has perfected one with no conscience and no regards for humanity. Worse, someone else has learned about it and wants to steal and then unleash it on the world.
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10 False Flags False Flags
Written by D. S. Kane
Copyright: 2019

Two problems are going to confront newlyweds Ann Sashakovich and Jon Sommers as well as Cassandra. One, the AI from the previous adventure is on the loose and learning how to control the world. Two, Jon is asked to do a little mission in Scotland - pick up some stolen plans for a new powerful weapon.
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First of all, I love the title of the series: Spies Lie. No, I gasp in disbelief, say it isn't so! Alas, they do. A lot. And if you go to the author's website, you find this man is a former covert operative for the U.S., the name he writes under is an assumed one, and his site has the tag line of "A former spy, still telling lies". I love it!

Luckily, these three usually do not prevaricate with each other since they get along. In fact, I am not sure how the title pertains to them but since the statement is true - they are fibbers - who cares as it is a great title.

Also pretty darn good are these adventures. They are fast and really enjoyable reads with plots just a tad out there enough to make them really interesting. There are bad guys worthy of being hunted. There are two - and then three - protagonists worthy of following and watching them grow.


My Grade: A-


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