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Full Name: Kendra Shaw
Nationality: New Zealander
Organization: Section One
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Ling
Time Span: 2014 - 2018


Kendra Shaw is an agent with New Zealand's Section One.

Section One is an ultra-secret member of that country's intelligence community and is charged with numerous duties but chief of them is the removal of enemies of the country that cannot be gotten rid of through legal channels. Wet works if needed. It was described in the narrative as "a black-ops programme that combined civilian intelligence gathering with paramilitary direct action. It allowed small teams of covert operators to find, fix and finish threats anywhere, everywhere". Additionally, "for all intents and purposes, Section One was a revolution. One that hit fast and hard, neutralizing persons of interest, disrupting terror networks. And it laid the groundwork for a new intervention policy - why publicly commit thousands of troops for kinetic action when you can just send in a handful of quiet professionals? Easy in. Easy out. Seamless".

At least it was until an op went very wrong in Kuala Lumpur and a key agent named Nathan Raines died. Then the same politicians who had eagerly created it went about gutting it. Now it is run by Deirdre Raines, former agent herself and widow of the slain agent. She is a woman who holds the appellation of Ice Queen, has earned that nickname many times over, and who would appreciate knowing she owned it but who would have been very unpleasant to the one letting her know.

Kendra is a former member of Section One. She "had spent years on the global circuit. Finding, fixing and finishing threats in souks and madrasas and back alleys. Spilling blood in every jihadi stronghold from Baghdad to Kabul to Islamabad". Then a particularly bad mission in the Iraqi capital had caused her to lose it and she was placed on administrative leave to hopefully find a way to get over the problems that caused her breakdown.

When we first start following her, life is forcing that recovery quite quickly.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2018

This is a sibling series, a term I use for one that has its own identity and path but which is connected to and sometimes combined with another series. In this instance, Kendra Shaw has a fellow agent, Maya Raines, who is her close friend and a fellow operative and occasional partner.

1 Fallen Angel Fallen Angel
aka Shattered
Written by John Ling
Copyright: 2014

After suffering a breakdown, Kendra Shaw is on suspension from Section One when she spots an old boyfriend, Ryan Hosseini, a man she left to join the organization. Then she sees that he is being followed by a skilled team of three operatives. As she approaches, an explosion tears into a lunch crowd and Ryan is gone. Was he a victim or the bomber?
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2 Vengeance Vengeance
Written by John Ling
Copyright: 2018

Maya Raines has wanted for years to find and punish the man who killed her father, a legendary operative. Now the assassin who pulled the trigger years ago has surfaced and Raines and fellow operative Kendra Shaw have a chance to track him down and learn who was responsible.
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With just a few series in this compendium dealing with operatives from New Zealand, it is not surprising that two of them are from the same author and take place in the same 'universe'. The two Kendra Shaw adventures are billed by the author/publisher as the Raines/Shaw series. I choose to separate them but mention their connection.

In this case, the first adventure deals with Shaw alone and the last one in the group has her cooperating with Raines.

Shaw is a darned good operative who has been very unlucky and paid the price for it. She is not a quitter, though, and it is fun to read her dealing with her adversities, one of which, IMHO, is her boss.


My Grade: B+


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