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Full Name: Karl Baier
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Bill Rapp
Time Span: 2015 - 2019


Karl Baier is an agent with the CIA.

We meet him in the Fall of 1945 with WWII having ended and each of the Allied powers working in divided Berlin to grab up as much of German technology and brain power as it could. The quality of such was impressive and the goals for the national headhunters were to either get what could be gotten for the benefit of their country or to keep it out of the hands of the others. The biggest fear by the Americans was that the Soviets would get it all and be able to use it against the U.S. at a later date.

Baier was a Captain in the U.S. Army Intelligence "reporting to the Office of the Military Government, United States through its Office of the Director of Intelligence" and had been picked because he was first generation American, his parents having come to the States from central Europe. He spoke German fluently and had a strong knowledge of the culture.

Baier had been in the O.S.S. for some time and had been trained to take part in missions behind enemy lines but the war ended before he was given an assignment. When that organization was disbanded after the Japanese surrender, wanting to stay in the Intelligence field, he made the transition to Army Intelligence.

When, a couple years later, the remnants of the O.S.S. rejoined to become the new C.I.A., Baier was there to be one of its founding agents. The second adventure takes place a decade later with Baier now deputy station chief in Austria. Eight years of experience with the CIA had followed his time with the OSS and G-2 showing clearly Baier had experience in the job and knew what he was doing and his position as DCOS showed he was good at it.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2019

1 Tears Of Innocence Tears Of Innocence
Written by Bill Rapp
Copyright: 2015

It is the Fall of 1945. Captain Karl Baier is sent to Berlin to seek out, debrief, and sometimes relocate German scientists who had knowledge and technology the U.S. could use. Along the way he falls in with a woman seeking her missing husband but that search will take him all over Europe and make him wonder who are his friends and who are his enemies.
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2 The Hapsburg Variation The Hapsburg Variation
Written by Bill Rapp
Copyright: 2017

It is the Spring of 1955. Karl Baier, now with the CIA for 8 years, is in Vienna where the Allied Powers are about to give Austria its independence. Baier is tasked with looking into the death of an Austrian aristocrat but that will move into learning of a plot to dismantle the independence plans and put Austria into the Soviet Bloc.
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3 The Budapest Escape The Budapest Escape
Written by Bill Rapp
Copyright: 2019

It was October 1956. Karl Baier learns that an asset he has been running high up in the Hungarian government is in danger of being caught. Baier feels he has no choice but to travel to Budapest to help the man but this is the time of the Hungarian Revolution and Soviet tanks fill the streets and anyone the least bit suspicious lands in prison.
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This series has some very seriously good writing to it. The author's ability to set the scene and let you experience the atmosphere is most impressive. And the characters are all given unique personalities - not over the top or cariacaturish but real and believable - so no one comes across as cut-outs. Add to that the tension and you feel like you are there, first in war-torn Berlin right after the War and later in Cold War spy haven Vienna.

I recommend this to any lover of serious cloak and dagger fiction. It can be dark and brooding and it can be taut and suspenseful. It is never dull.


My Grade: A-


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