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Full Name: Oliver Wade
Nationality: British
Organization: British Crown
Occupation Agent

Creator: David Field
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Oliver Wade is an agent of the Crown.

More specifically, he is an unofficial operative pressed into service of Lord Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury and Secretary of State to Queen Elizabeth.

As the both loved and feared elderly monarch was obviously nearing the end of her life and reign, her chosen successor, James I, had a considerable number of detractors. Many in various positions of power wanted a Catholic to take charge again like the preceeding Queen Mary while as many, if not more, wanted things to stay as they had been for nearly a half century. Working on behalf of his current soveriegn, and many said moreso on his own behalf, her trusted servant Cecil worked diligently to root out the former to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

One of his tools was young Wade, to that man's dismay. Wade had been a soldier for a time, like his father William still was. When we first meet him he is an actor by stated trade and apparently a wooer of women by avocation. It was for that last that Wade is thrown into jail as he was doing the seduction a bit too out in the openness and lewdness was a crime. It was while he sat in his cell that Cecil approached him with a chance to get out of trouble and do something noble for the Crown. Wade probably could not care a whit about the last but the first definitely interested him.

So Wade, who had no training as a spy but who had considerable abilities at listening, observing, and remembering, got a new job mingling with people and ferreting out those who would be active in their desires for a regime change.

Good Line:
- When arrested while on stage for public lewdness, Wade retorts, "My acting has often been described as poor - sometimes even as dire - but never have I heard it classed as 'lewd'."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

The size of all three could easily have them considered, IMO, either long novellas or short books. I have opted for the latter.

1 Uneasy Lies The Head Uneasy Lies The Head
Written by David Field
Copyright: 2019

Thrown into jail for lewd activities, Oliver Wade is offered a chance for freedom of a sorts if he agrees to spy for Robert Cecil. His mission is to unmask those plotting against the new king James I by pointing out Catholic sympathizers. In politics, though, nothing is cut and dried.
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2 The Game's Afoot The Game's Afoot
Written by David Field
Copyright: 2019

As his father works to assist Robert Cecil so the former might get a solid position, Oliver Wade must look into the murder of the playwright Christopher Marlowe. Father and son will find their tasks are related.
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3 A Plague on Both Your Houses A Plague on Both Your Houses
Written by David Field
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1605. As James I prepares to attend the opening of Parliament, Mary's Catholic followers, including Guy Fawkes, intend to blow the building up so they can install their own ruler. Oliver Wade must join in the conspiracy to give a list of its members.
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3.5 The Reluctant Agent The Reluctant Agent
Written by David Field
Copyright: 2020

An omnibus collection of the three books:
Uneasy Lies The Head
The Game's Afoot
A Plague on Both Your Houses
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To say that these three adventures of Oliver Wade are a hoot is to under-praise them. They are so much fun and Wade is so darned irreverent to authority (well, to be honest, to mostly anyone who isn't one of his inner circle) it is a blast to watch him have to deal with those who could put him in irons for a very long time. He is smart enough to know to keep his mouth shut at times but whether he is physically capable is a different matter.

And when he is forced to go "undercover", well, his wit is a boon and a weight. But to us readers, it is always enjoyable.

And the adventures are darned good, too.

This is a really enjoyable historical spy adventure with a ton of humor.


My Grade: A-


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