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Full Name: Jack Coyote
Nationality: American
Organization: HID
Occupation Agent

Creator: J. S. Chapman
Time Span: 2018 - 2018


Jack Coyote is an agent with HID.

That is the "Homeland Intelligence Division, HID for short, or HIDden, or sometimes just the Firm, its headquarters located just down the street. Officially, HID was a data collection agency. Unofficially, it oversaw sensitive and often clandestine activities on behalf of other agencies whose directors didn't want to get their hands dirtied".

Coyote works for HID not really as an agent but rather an analyst but when the trouble that will plague him the entire set of adventures we have of him start up, he has to switch hats and become an operative or find himself very dead. Luckily, being a member of the Chihuahua Apache tribe, someone who in his own way is proud to be one of 'The People', he does have some tricks up his sleeve for staying alive and for hunting.

Those skills aside, Coyote does not seem to have a very high opinion of himself, or else he is a good judge of his own character. When we first meet him, as he stands in a bar talking with one woman while eyeing another lady a way off, his thought of him are that he is "incomplete man. This crippled man. This milquetoast man who kept his thoughts to himself and hid them behind self-deprecating humor. This tallish, slimish, aloofish man. This brown-eyed, brown-haired misfit who didn't fit in anywhere. This wooer of woman, this hacker of code, this practical joker, this light drinker, this loud laugher, this sarcastic son of a bitch, this night owl and late riser, this outsider who would never be an insider, this war-painted warrior who didn't belong anywhere or to anyone, this disbelieving reject who should have been born centuries earlier, this stranger among men, this outcast."

It is odd for someone to have such a low opinion of himself and still be able to carry out the missions that he is given. It is also odd that while he does not think, apparently much of himself, others do. Some really rely on him doing his job and some really want him dead for doing it.

An interesting character that is close to Coyote and should be even closer, IMHO, is Aneila Chowdhury, a colleague at HID. She is definitely worth noting.

Good Line:
- Says Aneila to a man who says his friends can vouch for him, "Vouch that you're an a*****e?"
- "The promise of youth is immortality. The reality of maturity is acceptance."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

1 Seat Of Power Seat Of Power
Written by J. S. Chapman
Copyright: 2018

Intercept Episode #1 - Jack Coyote had no illusions about his being the heroic type but when he becomes a marked man because of something he accidentally learned, and people start trying to kill him, he knows that running and hiding will not work - he has to go on the offensive
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2 Cyber Warfare Cyber Warfare
Written by J. S. Chapman
Copyright: 2018

Intercept Episode #2 - Wanted for murder, the choices that Jack Coyote has seen near zero but his determination to track down the powers after him just got stronger.
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3 Enemies Within Enemies Within
Written by J. S. Chapman
Copyright: 2018

Intercept Episode #3 - He has been labeled a murderer for a killing he did not do and a traitor for cybertheft he did not take. Jack Coyote knows he can rely on no but himself as he continues to stalk those stalking him.
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4 Espionage Games Espionage Games
Written by J. S. Chapman
Copyright: 2018

Intercept Season #4 - Following the clues on who is behind the plot against the country and framing him for murder and treason, Jack Coyote ends up in a South Pacific paradise and a night of relaxation with a beautiful woman turns very, very deadly.
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Jack Coyote does not have a very good opinion of himself a lot of the time. Other people seem to have the same attitude - at least they sure try to kill him often enough. That sort of thing would weigh on anyone.

Coyote has a whole lot of angst going against him which means this series does as well. Coyote might not have been Coyote without it but the stories would have fared better (to me, anyways) with a bit less of it.

That said, when the action gets going, it really gets going and then it becomes fun.


My Grade: B


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