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Full Name: David Cox
Nationality: American
Organization: Unknown Agency
Occupation Agent

Creator: L. Douglas Garrett
Time Span: 2018 - 2019


David Cox is an agent with ?The Project?.

I put question marks around this because I really do not know for sure. If the idea behind the secret agency is to remain secret, it is doing a bang-up job. It is involved in some pretty dangerous undercover work where many of the members of the team do not make it back and its missions seem all over the world but again, exactly why it is is remains unknown.

David Cox is a known factor. He does not exist. Not really. On paper and once in a while in the flesh of a person we know first as {i`The Roommate`i} (in the novella that starts the adventures) and then as {i`Amy's Husband`i} (in the first book). He becomes David Cox when it is needed. He also become Alan Drake for a time in an impressive identity that has him a mining expert. But David Cox is the fake identity we see him in twice so that is what we stick with.

{i`The Roommate`i} is a college student just short of his diploma but who has had to retake several courses because he will get a call and then disappear for sometimes weeks before returning with little or no excuse. {i`Amy's Husband`i} is the man that he becomes when he is finally finished with school and out in the ?real? world.

Whichever identity he chooses to use, whether fake ones on his missions or the unspecified person who is both {i`The Roommate`i} and {i`Amy's Husband`i}, a couple things are obvious.

First, As the former, he is a dangerous man to know while as the latter he seems the epitome of safe.

Second, as both he is not trustworthy at all. He can lie or obfuscate at the drop of a hat and do so convincing enough to have the listener either believe it or not care enough to press. And he is most definitely a "playa" in modern vocabulary and "hound dog" in older speech. Either way, he will try to charm the pants off just about any female he encounters. Even being married to Amy, as he seems to be, does not matter.


Number of Books:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Remember Them Remember Them
Written by L. Douglas Garrett
Copyright: 2019

"The man who became his cover identity is back in action! He had to become someone new in time to be sent on a mission he was ideal for: taking in a team to ferret out a secret Cuban plot in West Africa. But has the identity of David Cox really been put to rest? Remember Them brings the details and dirty work of covert missions to the forefront, an espionage thriller where clandestine violence and disposable identities combine. You know all about the Cold War spies in Europe. This was 1984, West Africa, and The Trade. It was a dangerous place, rife with mercenaries, coups, and a dozen little wars. But there was even more happening behind the scenes."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2018

The novella mentioned here goes first in the series, followed by the book.

1 Remember When Remember When
Written by L. Douglas Garrett
Copyright: 2018

"Remember When is a slice-of-life espionage thriller that builds on images of 1983, a cracked mirror reflection of things that were and pieces of might have been. “A story reminiscent of Miami Vice, with a dash of the 80’s music scene” is brought into tight focus in this novella length telling. Everything comes together in Los Angeles in the days before the US Festival. He’s there, or is he? “When you see the price they’ve paid…”
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I would love to be able to tell you more about this series but despite have gone through it twice, I do not understand it. It tries so hard to make the life of the main character a mystery, it befuddled this reader so much I have no idea who the main character really is. When all you really know is that you do not want to any more about the guy, that is not good.

The man's constant cheating seems to be the main aspect we have to hold onto and that is enough for me to not want it. If another book or novella comes out, I may or may not get it to try and "get it".


My Grade: C+


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