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Full Name: Noelle McNabb
Series Name: The Psychedelic Spy Mystery Series
Nationality: American
Organization: SIAMESE
Occupation Agent

Creator: Sally Carpenter
Time Span: 2018 - 2020


Noelle McNabb is an agent with SIAMESE.

If you are a bit taken aback by the name of this American Intelligence organization, so was McNabb. Especially when she is told the acronym stood for "Special Intelligence Apparatus for Midwest Enemy Surveillance and Espionage". Dash Hanover, the first person she meets from the agency, admitted that the unfortunate name the letters spelled did not get "noticed until the letterhead and ID cards had been printed".

As Hanover explains to McNabb regarding the need for the organization, "Most American intelligence efforts in regards to the Cold War are concentrated in the major cities along the East and West Coasts as well as Chicago. But recently we've seen a significant surge of activity here in the heartland. The large patches of unpopulated farmland provide excellent hiding places for enemy outposts and spies on the run. Small towns such as Yuletide contain manufacturing plants that produce goods vital to our nation's efforts in the space race."

The year when the first recorded adventure takes place is 1967 and the Yuletide mentioned above is the small community in Indiana where McNabb lives and where the 25-year old woman earns her keep by working two jobs; employed as a clerk in a record store in town and being an actress in the children's stage section of the amusement park which is one of the attractions the town offers. McNabb's daily gig in the production is that of the Winter Witch, a particularly nasty green-faced crone who, like the Grinch, wants to keep Christmas from happening.

Her life is about to change a good deal when a knock on her door on the outskirts of town reveals a man dying of a gunshot who falls on her floor which will cause her to land up to her neck in trouble because he was supposed to have some vital film on him and didn't and she, being the last to see him while he was still breathing, was thought to have now have the film and she didn't.

Soon the would-be actress is becoming a member of the team and partnered with Destiny King, described as a "tall, black woman, as light - and a dangerous - as a panther". Life will not be the same again.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2018
Last Appearance:2020

1 Flower Power Fatality Flower Power Fatality
Written by Sally Carpenter
Copyright: 2018

The year is 1967. Noelle McNabb would have been happy being an actress on stage if the stage wasn't a local amusement park in Indiana and the stage wasn't for a children's play and if she wasn't playing a wicked witch. Still, it's show biz and it paid most enough to live on her own. Then on her doorstep a man appears who has been shot and who dies on her hall floor and then people start wanting the microdot he was supposed to have and thinking she now had it.
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2 Hippie Haven Homicide Hippie Haven Homicide
Written by Sally Carpenter
Copyright: 2020

The year is 1967. The spy organization Noelle McNabb now mostly works for, SIAMESE, wants to use her pet cat, Ceebee, to wear a wire so they can listen in on an agent with the ominous name of 'Old Scratch' who is living in town. At the same time, the religious cult which has moved into town has a member who just gave up the ghost and McNabb cannot help but look into.
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It was pretty obvious from the covers and the titles that this was going to be a light-hearted, amusing series rather than a somber suspenseful one.

That was made obvious on the first page of the first adventure when the main character, Noelle McNabb, appears on the stage of an amusement park to entertain children wearing a Winter Witch costume. Considering the many hundreds of series I have investigated, that was a first.

The zaniness continues through the two books that exist and there were more than a couple of chuckles and even at least one guffaw.

If there had been more, I would likely have read them ... but I would not have done so sequentially. Some gap would have been called for.


My Grade: B-


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