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Full Name: Yi 'Jason' Jichun
Nationality: American
Organization: W.T.O.
Occupation Agent

Creator: D. M. Coffman
Time Span: 2011 - 2020


       Yi Jichun is an agent with the W.T.O.
       Actually, agent is for the most part inaccurate. He is a new but quite gifted attorney with a variety of other skills and assets but since a couple of those make him a terrific choice for a dangerous job in China on behalf of the World Trade Organization, this lawyer is finding himself working as a clandestine operative in a nation that takes a very dim view of such activity.
       Yi Jichun, who has gone by the nickname of 'Jason' for most of his life, was born in San Francisco in 1971 which would make him in his mid-30's when the actions we follow take place. He is the only child of second generation parents; both sets of grandparents emigrated from Canton to California in the 1940s. Jason Yi, as his Americanized name is, graduated high school at age sixteen, went on to earh a BA in Chinese languages at Berkeley before heading to Washington DC and getting his law degree at Georgetown, specializing in international law. Shortly afterwards he was admitted to the bar in both DC and California.
       "He had an aura of professionalism and confidence about him, but not arrogance. Above average in height for a Chinese man, his shoulders were broad and straight, his arms muscular but not massive. His torso narrowed at the hips and he was slightly bow-legged, as were most natural athletes. He had a round yet masculine face with a hint of tan to his golden complexion, probably indicative of an enjoyment for the outdoors when he could find the time. His thick black hair fell back from his high forehead and curved slightly where the ends touched the top of his shirt collar. He was direct in his eye contact yet not threatening, and his smile was broad and charming."
       Other qualities that his friends and colleagues have ascribed to him are "honest, intelligent, possessing tremendous fortitude; athletic, chivalrous, charitable, somewhat quick tempered but avoids quarreling". He is accomplised in the martial arts of Jie Quan Dao and he loves to scuba dive and done so to depths of 200 feet.
       So, while Yi has not had any formal training as an agent, he possesses qualities that prove several times over he is quite good at a job he never asked for.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2020

       This series has an interesting origin, if I understand it correctly.
       In 2011, the author released the book I numbered a '0', The Hainan Incident. which she describes as a "tackling adult themes in an international plot of suspense, corruption and terrorism without the use of offensive language or graphic sex or violence."
       Nearly a decade later, she has split the book into two smaller parts which now comprise books 1 and 2 of the Net thriller series.

0 The Hainan Incident The Hainan Incident
Written by D. M. Coffman
Copyright: 2011

Yi Jichun is sent to China on behalf of the W.T.O. and the American intelligence community to look into the Hainan Net, an international organization targeting global shipping channels to gain dominance.
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1 The Net Conspiracy The Net Conspiracy
Written by D. M. Coffman
Copyright: 2020

Young attorney Yi Jichun is picked by the W.T.O. to travel to China to "ferret out corruption" in that country's legal system as it tries to upgrade its status. What he discovers is the Net organization which wants to gain world power through controlling the sea trade.
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2 The Hainan Conflict The Hainan Conflict
Written by D. M. Coffman
Copyright: 2020

Yi Jichun and his new love Sarah are on Hainan Island as she recovers from severe injuries. It is while there that Yi learns of the recent activities of the Net on that island and its plans for dominance.
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