Full Name: Casey Reddick
Nationality: American
Organization: -
Occupation Agent

Creator: Charles DeMaris
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Casey Reddick is an agent with Fox Security Consulting.

That is a private intelligence gathering company put together by a small group of Americans who wanted to do something for their country when looking at the cutbacks that had, in their opinion, severely hurt the governmental intelligence community. While their financial prowess is nowhere as impressive as the alphabet agencies, these people do have one set of deep pockets. Add to that a genius in computers coupled with two uber-geniuses in the same field.

Fox Security is a brand new company, founded at the beginning of the first recorded adventure, which has as its day job helping companies stay secure in the always changing cyber world. It operates from a state of the art facility located on "75 mostly wooded acres in rural ... Ohio". Visitors to the headquarters would see exactly what they would expect to see - "a 6000 square foot modern looking structure with an open floor plan and windows all around" filled with lots of computer stations with earnest white-hat hackers trying to find vulnerabilities in a client's firewalls. But below the surface, literally as well as figuratively, the real power machines do their work.

One of the very first employees of this company is Reddick. He is hired for his own computer skills which are impressive. Computers, though were not his planned line of work, just a fallback. His projected career path was the NFL and a lucrative contract. Reddick had just won the Heisman Trophy and was the starting quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He would have been easily been chosen in the first draft round in the NFL in his junior year if he has not chosen to return for his senior year to help win a championship.

It was on one of the last throws of that Championship game with the Buckeyes already having gone undefeated that season that the accident happened. Reddick threw a beautiful pass which was caught for the touchdown. Unfortunately, he never saw it caught. A defensive end trying for a sack was tripped by a Reddick teammate and the end's helmet met Reddick's knee and the star quarterback's career was over.

So Plan B came into effect once the surgeries were done and the healing started. When Fox's generous employment offer came in, Reddick took it and when a terrorist attack struck close to home, Reddick's dedication to the true mission that Fox Security revealed to him, he was more than determined to be a part.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020




My Grade: -


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