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Full Name: Frank Ryder
Codename: Omega Three
Nationality: British
Organization: Omega Unit
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mike Woodhams
Time Span: 2019 - 2020


Frank Ryder is an agent with the Omega Unit.

The Omega Unit is a hush-hush division in MI-6, covertly performing its missions because those missions were almost invariably potentially illegal. "To academia, Omega referred to the last letter of the Greek alphabet, but to the Establishment, the last resort. Only the Chief of SIS and a handful of others were aware of its very existence. Omega had evolved within the folds of the Secret Intelligence Service more from necessity than from design to primarily combat the ever increasing terrorist threat without the constraints of the law." The simple concept was that killing was "the only thing understood by fanatical terrorism and wayward government-sponsored criminal activities. Quasi-international justice and legal niceties could not be allowed to stand in the way when protecting the Realm".

Obviously that meant that the members of the Omega Unit were while doing their jobs actually breaking the law. "Ryder knew the risks and fully understood the legal consequences of his role. Should he get caught, the Establishment would deny all knowledge of his existence."

Now at 28 years of age when we first meet Ryder, he is pleased to be a part of the Omega Unit as one of its few agents. He came to the organization via his several years in the British Army, first with the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment and then, a couple years later, with the 22nd SAS. Ryder joined the army at 18 even though he could have headed to university considering his "aptitude for languages and sport". "The army, however, gave him the opportunity to discover his full potential; it gave him discipline and purpose. He learned to channel his newfound energy and knowledge into an effective fighting machine. The SAS gave him the independence he had always craved and, strangely enough, satisfaction despite the fact that killing other humans was part of the job."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2020

1 Paths Of Courage Paths Of Courage
Written by Mike Woodhams
Copyright: 2019

British Intelligence has learned that the North Korean are developing a super virus which is quite lethal and is planning on using it on an unnamed city in the West. They intend to make use of a terrorist in a stolen Russian submarine to hide the real culprit. A small team lead by Frank Ryder heads into hostile territory to destroy the virus.
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2 Run With The Brave Run With The Brave
Written by Mike Woodhams
Copyright: 2019

Teaming with American Special Forces, Frank Ryder is in Iran to disable two key dams even as an Israeli team is in country to take out a secret missile base in the same region. Both teams are compromised and both sets of agents must find a way to safety.
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3 Quantum Of Fear Quantum Of Fear
Written by Mike Woodhams
Copyright: 2019

Hearing that al-Qaeda has acquired a suitcase nuke from Russia, MI-6 sends Frank Ryder undercover in London where they believe a cell is planning to use it. In an odd twist, that cell sends Ryder to the Hindu Kush to help bring it to England. There it is his thumbprint used to activate it and only his can shut it off.
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4 Encounter Encounter
Written by Mike Woodhams
Copyright: 2020

From a group of islands in the Arctic, a strange signal is being detected that MI-6 fears is a new weapon being developed by Russia. At the same time in the same set of islands, the son of the British Prime Minister is part of a film crew with a celebrity naturalist and the group has vanished. Frank Ryder now has two goals - find the signal and find the crew.
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I really, truly have not yet read enough to grade this series but in what I have seen so far, the man is in the right job for someone of his attitude towards life - namely he seems to be against it for anyone not, well, him. In the first adventure, a perilous incursion into North Korea, he and his small group are spotted first by two citizens driving down a road and then later by a shepherd. He kills them. No qualms or hesitation or any thought about the fact that since he was doing nothing suspicious, they would not have been suspicious. Yet he, and the author, decided they needed to die.

Luckily, he claimed that he took no pleasure in his murders. I'm sure they felt so much better about it.

So I am giving up on this first adventure. I will look at another one of the adventures to see if the character gets any better. If so, I will modify my comments.

Oh, the writing is pretty good, by the way. It might have been an enjoyable read. Except for the star of the show.


My Grade: B+


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