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Full Name: Solomon Stryker
Nationality: American
Organization: Stryker Security
Occupation CEO

Creator: Terry Manning
Time Span: 2014 - 2014


Solomon Stryker is the CEO of Stryker Security and Investigative Services (SSIS).

According to the blurb for the first recorded adventure: "Born a prodigy, Solomon's life is a life that all genius' have to live, endure and to discover their many abilities and unique learning curves. He astounded his parents as he grew up, graduating high school at a very early age, his first Doctorate came at an early age as well. He also graduating from Julliard as a concert pianist. Yet with all of those accomplishments, he was left looking for something more. The Military is where he found his calling as an officer in Special Forces dealing mainly with terrorists. His elite team was feared and rightfully so. While in the military, tragedy struck his family, leaving him with no clues as to his past, his parents past or their ethnicity. Even with all of the events occurring in his life, Solomon yearned for more. That is when he created his own security and investigative service. He worked hand in hand with any and all governments, that needed his help. His company was growing and doing well."

In the prologue to that adventure, we learn a ton more about this man: "Solomon Stryker, a name that strikes fear in the hearts of the evil in this world! If you were causing problems for one of the customer's of Stryker Security and Investigative Services, you lived in fear! If you ever got in the cross hairs of either Stryker or one of his teams, death was definitely in your future! Stryker hated terrorism most of all! Anyone attempting to dominate people by forcing their ideology on them faced a deadly force to ready to bring them down! If you made people fear you by force, terror, or death, Stryker Security and Investigative service brought hell down on you! There would be no surrender, just absolute annihilation! Terrorists avoided getting on his radar! Mohammed Al Akbar and The Brotherhood were the exception. They either had a death wish or were complete morons for having no fear of Stryker."

"Stryker lived by a belief tattooed on his right bicep "Death Before Dishonor" a belief that he continually lived by."

It would go on to tell that Stryker, in addition to owning SSIS and its very impressive headquarters, also owned the Wars End Bar and Restaurant where he likes to hang out when not on a world-wide mission.

Stryker is in love with a journalist named Candace who brings with her some baggage in the form of the Chicago Mob.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2014

1 Wars End Wars End
Written by Terry Manning
Copyright: 2014

Solomon Stryker's security business was flourishing with contracts from numerous governments needing his team's expertise. One major case was finding who was individual high up in America's government that was causing so much trouble. And then trouble in the form of female journalist walked in and suddenly Stryker is also battling the Chicago mob.
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2 Stryker's Move Stryker's Move
Written by Terry Manning
Copyright: 2014

As Solomon Stryker and his love Candace continue their struggles with the Mob, Stryker must also deal with the fact that his old nemesis, the Ghost, may be wounded but is definitely not out. And there is the crazed kidnapper who has snatched eight girls to be found and dealt with.
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The several pages of the prologue tell in biographical style enough information about Solomon Stryker and his background as to make me believe there was another whole book that came before the first one. I know the book was revised prior to the version I got so it might be that it was pared down considerably with the first ?half? turned into the prologue. Not sure. I am sure it is confusing.

I also know the author adores the exclamation mark. It is everywhere! This, of course, is to let we the readers know how dramatic the statement is but it gets old very quickly. He also loves long, long paragraphs with conversations of several people pushed inside it. Following along is a pain.

The character of Stryker is far too perfect to be believed. I tried to suspend my logic for the fun of it but wow! Too much!


My Grade: B-


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