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Full Name: Peter Blake
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: Roger D'Lein
Time Span: 2016 - 2018


Peter Blake is an agent with MI6.

Blake came to the department after putting in several years in the British SAS, reaching the rank of sergeant indicating he was there for likely more than one tour of duty. While we do not know exactly how long he has been an agent, it is certainly long enough to have acquired a reputation for getting the job done such that he has for the past four years been assigned to work directly under the control of the Director of Operations and not through the normal bureaucratic structure at Vauxhall Cross. In fact, that Director has taken to setting up his own operations in a "clandestine office above a small antique shop" and not at the Legoland headquarters. This move was done to protect 'C', the head of MI6. "In these days of transparency and accountability, the Director rightly felt that the less [ C ] knew of the illegal elements the better."

Blake is described as 43 years old, still quite fit, standing 6'2". He has "short dark hair, steely grey-blue eyes, and a square, determined jaw". Elsewhere it mentions that he has a chiseled face. He commonly sports dark attire such as a black bomber jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. In his off time, he enjoys sipping on Jack Daniels on the rocks and spending time with Theresa, a mid-30's woman who has gone back to college to major in journalism.

On the job, Blake routinely partners with CIA operative Brad Samson. Again it is not known how long their association has been going on but it is long enough that they have established a well-defined connection and can anticipate each other's actions and trust that they each have the other's back covered.

Off the job, Blake partners, and then marries, a waitress named Theresa who is studying to become a journalist. She will over time achieve that profession and go on to make a name for herself especially when her interested areas begin to overlap his.

Blake loves the profession he is in. "Life is nothing without adventure", Blake once commented to his boss upon being told there was a new assignment for him.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2018

The first three books in this series are denoted as being "a trilogy of contemporary thrillers that span a three-year period in Blake’s eventful life, each a story in its own right, though inextricably linked by events which have a telling effect on the outcome." The fourth is a follow-on.

1 A Dangerous Game A Dangerous Game
Written by Roger D'Lein
Copyright: 2016

Coming off a successful and daring rescue in Colombia, Peter Blake is sent to Malaysia to help infiltrate a mole into a terrorist cell there which will lead to orders for him to take out the top leadership of the group.
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2 Tunnels Of Mt. Shebi Tunnels Of Mt. Shebi
Written by Roger D'Lein
Copyright: 2016

Peter Blake takes part in a join MI6-CIA operation to locate a small group of pirates and the hostages they are holding, free the prisoners, and dispatch the kidnappers. This will involve a dangerous trek through Kenya and into war-torn Somalia .
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3 Red Tigers, White Powder Red Tigers, White Powder
Written by Roger D'Lein
Copyright: 2016

Back in the rainforest of Colombia, Peter Blake is teamed with CIA operative Brad Samson to find and destroy the Red Tigers cartel in that country. This will mean having to avoid their scouts and those of the rebel group FARC.
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4 The Ghost Of Thirdan The Ghost Of Thirdan
Written by Roger D'Lein
Copyright: 2018

The job for Peter Blake now is to hunt down a terrorist with the rather pacific name of Doctor David. The journey will take him all over Europe, into Iraq and on to the Hindu Kush before bringing him back to the British Isles. A complication in the mission will be his new wife, Theresa, a journalist who wants a story of her own.
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The first three books constituted a trilogy, according to the publisher. Apparently after that was concluded, the author decided yet another adventure of Peter Blake, along with his CIA pal and his wife, decided another was called for, a thought with which I concurred. 

Unfortunately, from the little I can discover, there were no more in this series.

This is a shame because I took to Blake right off and I really appreciate a storyline where the characters evolve a bit each adventure. Enough to wonder what happens next.


My Grade: B


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