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Full Name: Samantha Starr
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Other - Pilot

Creator: S. L. Menear
Time Span: 2015 - 2020


Samantha Starr is an airline pilot.

She is quite new in the pilot chair for Luxury International Airlines, a "small airline that caters to wealthy passengers". She had occupied the position for just one month when we first meet her but she has put in her time and paid her dues in training and in the second seat so she is ready for command. She quickly shows right off in the first recorded adventure that she has what it takes to handle stress and danger and life will not ease up with either on her as the series progresses.

Starr was no stranger to excitement and dealing with trouble even before that incident having been raised with two older brothers who, while they adored and watched over their little sister, were nevertheless boys and off doing adventurous things which the littler Starr wanted to join in on. That made her have to try harder and be more tenacious. That in turn will set a pattern for her life.

She is 26 years old as the stories begin. When Starr was 18 years old, another of her brothers, 12 at the time, was kidnapped and murdered. This tragedy will have a lasting effect on her and will be the impetus for her actions early in the series, actions which will create for her a very powerful and very determined enemy. The troubles which follow will task her greatly as well as the Scottish special operations soldier she connects with and her two brothers, one a Navy fighter pilot and the other a Navy SEAL. All three have more experience and more training but invariably each will find she is the natural leader.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2020

The first three novels were edited and re-released by the author several years after their initial arrival. The titles listed below are the revised ones but the copyright years are when the originals came out.

1 Flight To Redemption Flight To Redemption
aka Deadstick Dawn
Written by S. L. Menear
Copyright: 2016

After saving her airliner passengers when a bomb goes off on a flight, pilot Samantha Starr is looking forward to R&R in Scotland. There she rescues a young boy named Charlie from being kidnapped but when she takes him to the authorities, she finds they are in on it and she is being blamed.
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2 Flight To Destiny Flight To Destiny
aka Poseidon's Sword
Written by S. L. Menear
Copyright: 2015

While piloting a charter of celebrities traveling around the world, Samantha Starr is handed a curio in a shop in Hong Kong, an object that others want and will kill for and which will change her life forever.
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3 Triple Threat Triple Threat
aka Blaze
Written by S. L. Menear
Copyright: 2017

An ancient weapon of mass destruction is set to go off and take with it half the world's population unless pilot Samantha Starr, her spec ops boyfriend, and her two brothers can locate it and stop it.
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4 Stranded Stranded
Written by S. L. Menear
Copyright: 2019

The charter plane being flown by Samantha Starr has gone missing and since she is an expert in Atlantean technology that nations like Russia and China want, they are among the suspects. Her spec ops boyfriend and her SEAL brother lead the search.
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5 Vanished Vanished
Written by S. L. Menear
Copyright: 2020

The man that Samantha Starr loves, Ross Sinclair, has been kidnapped and the powerful man holding him has one ransom demand. Starr must find and retrieve for him the Blue Dragon Diamond. Unfortunately that legendary item was lost in Africa thousands of years ago.
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She is a bit too impossibly good to be believed and I loved it. I really like these stories because even though my logical brain (what there still is of it) often said, "ah, no way!", the fun-living part told me to "shut up and go with it". Since I listened to the latter, 'cause that is what I usually do, I had a lot of fun.

In addition to good writing and excellent pacing, the author was kind enough to give us a set of supporting characters who do not overshadow the star but do add a lot to the mix. I like her twin brothers. Good people to have watch Starr's back.

There is a good chance there will be more Samantha Starr adventures to come in the future and I will be picking them up.


My Grade: B


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