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Full Name: Sara X
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Assassin

Creator: Donald Shinn
Time Span: 2016 - 2021


Sara X is an assassin.

That is the tradename she uses in her line of work which is killing people for money. The kinds of people who hire her are invariably well-off enough to handle the usual fee of $100k per victim as well as being desperate enough to get rid of someone they will risk it. When we first meet her it is said that sports figures were frequent customers of hers as newly rich athletes either have existing spouses who will not let go of a now-wealthy 'loved one' or they have girlfriends who have become bothersome. $100k to Sara X and the problem go away and almost always in a way that escapes the interest of authorities.

Normally assassins who work the private sector like Sara X does would not be of interest in this collection but one of her previous customers has become the leading candidate for President and he and his powerful father-in-law, head of a major security firm, are worried about the past returning so they use all the impressive resources available to track her down and even though she has retired by this time and started a family of her own, they strike, her husband and young son are murdered, and she returns to her previous line of work with a vengeance. Except it is no longer sports figures who incur her wrath but political ones.

We learn that she was born Janet Mills. No living relatives after her parents died in a car accident while she was in college. According to the info the security firm learned after a lot of investigation, "She worked for a while as a phlebotomist, then on the IV team for a major teaching hospital where she apparently got her training. She became extraordinarily proficient in hitting veins in even the smallest neonatal cases and was highly thought of by her co-workers. Apparently she'd gotten involved with a married anesthesiologist while working at the facility. We believe it was around then that she committed her first killing. The wife of the anesthesiologist died of an apparent heart attack while he was out of town at a convention. Janet then apparently broke off the relationship with the anesthesiologist. She'd come into a substantial amount of money in some manner as she took a very expensive vacation. When the vacation ended Janet Mills vanished. She's never used that name again. We then had a series of untimely deaths of spouses of people associated with the anesthesiologist."

After that her new career really took off resulting in, again in the opinion of the security firm, a definite "39 deaths and strongly suspected in over 100 more". It was suspected she had stashed upwards of many millions of dollars away. And then she stopped.

And that is when Shannon Brewer came into existence, happily married to Jack and the mother of toddler Tyler. A new life. Until the security firm finds her and the candidate and his father-in-law order her death and she survives but Jack and Tyler do not.

And Sara X is back for revenge.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2021

1 Sara X Sara X
Written by Donald Shinn
Copyright: 2016

Hector Esteban had been a customer of the assassin known as Sara X, using her to eliminate his troublesome wife years before. Now that he is running for President, he needs so eliminated to keep the secret but his men fail and kill her husband and son. Nothing will stop her getting even.
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2 A Broken Trust A Broken Trust
Written by Donald Shinn
Copyright: 2019

Presidential candidate Benjamin Schwartz has gotten hold of computer data proving major corporate power Hasselberg Group guilty of some major nasty acts. They want him dead so hire Sara X to handle it. But then they worry about her knowing the truth so go after her. Big mistake.
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3 Double Trouble Double Trouble
Written by Donald Shinn
Copyright: 2020

When Sara X learns that her friend, newly elected president Benjamin Schwartz is in danger, she decides retirement can wait and heads to help him out. Washington has a lot of powerful people in it, some of whom have now made an enemy of this woman. Bad move.
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4 The Mother Hen The Mother Hen
Written by Donald Shinn
Copyright: 2021

President's Schwartz's new policy to stamp out child sex trafficking has made him a lot of powerful enemies who want to stop him stopping their lucrative income source. When Sara X's goddaughter is caught up in the middle, Sara knows she has to put her retirement aside for a time to show the rich and powerful what power really looks like.
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In case you are concerned about or annoyed with spoilers in the above information, most of that is told in the first couple of pages and the rest alluded to in the blurbs about the series so I gave nothing away.

As for the rest of the first adventure, you can figure it out as well as I but as they say, the joy is in the journey, not the destination, and the ride here is pretty wild.

This series fits in the compendium because of who gets involved with Sara X, the assassin - a couple of presidential candidates and other government wheeler-dealers. Plus it is kinda fun.


My Grade: B


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