SPY GIRL (2016)

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Full Name: Spy Girl
Codename: X
Nationality: American
Organization: Blackwood Academy
Occupation Agent

Creator: Jillian Dodd
Time Span: 2016 - 2019


Spy Girl, aka X, is an agent of Black X.

That tells you a whole lot of nothing but is pretty much the truth, as far as it goes.

Black X is a ultra-secret American intelligence agency so hush-hush that not even the President knew of its existence. It is referred to as a 'double-black covert group".

X is the codename given the young woman who is the protagonist, and the chief narrator, of these adventures. A couple of officials at the school where she is enrolled refer to her by the name Xanthamum (meaning unknown) so likely the 'X' comes from that. The school in question is the Blackwood Academy and it holds more than 26 students so how she got a single letter as a designation is not revealed.

We learn early on that Blackwood is a facility designed to be a "combination of higher education, clandestine training, boot camp, and finishing school. Its graduates would be elite, intelligent, and most of all, lethal". The current head of the school has been with the organization as long as X has been.

X has been a student with them for the past six years, ever since she was 12 and her parents were murdered. "Her beautiful mother had been shot, execution style, in front of her by the most deadly assassin in the world, a man known only as The Priest. And somehow, she managed to shoot and wound the assassin, fight him off, and then escape. A feat not even the most seasoned agent had ever accomplished. Two days later, she defied death again, when a bomb blew up her father's car. She wasn't allowed to attend their funerals. Spies don't have funerals".

The adventures start when she is only a month or two from formal graduation, at which she is slated to be the valedictorian since she had "the school's highest scores in everything from parkour to the number of ways I can kill a man". Before she can complete her normal lessons she is pulled out of class for her first official mission and her life will change dramatically.

For that first assignment she will be given the mouthful of a name, Huntley Penelopy 'Penny' Bond-Von Allister and she will use that Huntley alias throughout her recorded career. And what an interesting career that will be.


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2016
Last Appearance:2019

1 The Prince The Prince
Written by Jillian Dodd
Copyright: 2016

Black X, a very secret espionage group, pulls Spy Girl out of school before her training is over to go on a vital mission to Montrovia to protect its handsome Prince who is the target of assassination.
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2 The Eagle The Eagle
Written by Jillian Dodd
Copyright: 2017

Spy Girl has firmly set her new identity as Huntley Van Allister and is enjoying the life of ease on vacation when word the The Priest, the assassin who killer her mother, comes out of retirement to eliminate a head of state. Now Huntley is put on his trail.
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3 The Society The Society
Written by Jillian Dodd
Copyright: 2017

Spy Girl was trained to have little or no emotions but in the real world, that is not possible as Huntley learns when she and Ari go on their next mission to be guests at Malcolm Prescott's. As Ari is asked to join a secret society, Huntley starts to learn more about her past.
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4 The Valiant The Valiant
Written by Jillian Dodd
Copyright: 2018

British Intelligence has learned that a set of nuclear suitcase bombs have been smuggled into that nation and there is also something very unpleasant brewing in Montrovia. Huntley, Spy Girl, is put on the case as well.
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5 The Dauntless The Dauntless
Written by Jillian Dodd
Copyright: 2018

Huntley, aka Spy Girl, is done with working for Black X, done with trying to solve why her mother was murdered, and most of all done with love. She intends to visit all the places she and her mom had visited in the final days - as well as to take down the secret society behind the emerald rings.
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6 The Phoenix The Phoenix
Written by Jillian Dodd
Copyright: 2018

As athletes from all over head to Montrovia for the next Olympic games, another group determined to start a new world order are also heading there. So must be Huntley, Spy Girl, when Black X needs her to help stop whatever is being planned.
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7 The Echelon The Echelon
Written by Jillian Dodd
Copyright: 2019

The plan of the Echelon to change the world has begun and the disease it is using to do so is killing scores of people. Martial law is being declared in countries like America and Montrovia has a bulls-eye on it. Spy Girl, Huntley, knows she may die trying to stop the plot but she must try nevertheless.
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At first I thought this was a young adult series about a teenage spy. Wrong. Well, technically since she is 18 at the time it begins, she is still a teenager but when we read right off the bat about how her mother is killed with a gun shot to the forehead and the young daughter then shoots and wounds the assailant, we know it is not meant for youngsters. Then we learn on page two that she has a problem with a fellow student at the academy because he whispers 'three little words' to her while they are have sex and she knows students are allowed to fool around but not get emotionally attached.

But what kind of a series it actually was still had not been determined because that sexual escapade was referred not, not described. Plus the feel of the stories was a bit on the light side of heavy. To make sure I understood what I would be writing about here, I read on.

And I am still reading - more later.


My Grade: B-


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