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Full Name: M.I. High
Nationality: British
Organization: M.I.9
Occupation Agency

Creator: Keith Brumpton
Time Span: 2007 - 2014


       M.I.High is a department in M.I.9.
       "The twenty-first century faces a new kind of threat. Old school spies have had their day and M.I.9 must create a new breed of skilled, undercover agent. Hidden in a place no villain would think to look. Welcome to M.I. High." So says the opening of the episodes of the adventures, which goes on to reveal that the previous agents have all been "retired, revealed, or rumbled"
       The school here is Saint Hopes High School for most of the adventures before moving to Saint Hearts. The schools are actual places of learning for all the other students attending - it is just a few who have been chosen based on merit that know that 200+ feet beneath the building is the actual computer and lab laced headquarters. To reach this subterranean area the agents/students head to a janitor supply closet, shut the door behind them, and pull a special broom to activate the swift elevator. In a manner reminiscent of the 60's Batman show with its bat-pole trip to the Batcave, during the trip down something in the elevator switches their outfits to be their M.I.9 uniforms.
       Apparently no one other than the agents and their handler know they are operatives so the young people have to be constantly making excuses for leaving class to go on a mission or fooling their closest friends when they suddenly disappear. And because they are underage and living with normal parents, getting home at a decent hour is always important which means that the assignments cannot take them too far away.
       Throughout the series there will be a variety of agents handling the missions.
       Initially we have Rose Gupta (tech genious), Daisy Millar (master of disguise), and Blane Whitaker (martial arts). Millar and Whitaker will be around to handle two seasons of adventures before being replaced (moved or graduated) by Oscar Cole (disguise, infiltration) and Carrie Stewart (gymnastics).
       After some time, these agents will be replaced with a new set: Tom Tupper (tech genius), Aneisha Jones (disguises), Dan Morgan (martial arts), and Zoe (combat). Zoe will be replaced after a time with Keri Summers (agility and problem solving).


Number of Books:7
First Appearance:2008
Last Appearance:2011

1 A New Generation A New Generation
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2008

Novelizations of two episodes from the (likely) first season.

2 Secrets and Spies Secrets and Spies
Written by Jonny Zucker
Copyright: 2008

Novelizations of two episodes from the (likely) first season.

3 Race Against Time Race Against Time
Written by Christine Peymani
Copyright: -

Apparently never released, if ever produced. Novelizations of two episodes (season unknown).

4 Dangerous Games Dangerous Games
Written by Christine Peymani
Copyright: -

Apparently never released, if ever produced. Novelizations of two episodes (season unknown).

5 Spy Survival Handbook Spy Survival Handbook
Written by Richard Dungworth
Copyright: -

"The M.I. High Spy Survival Handbook is the official guide into the world of MI 9, with character profiles,
exciting gadgets and mission briefs."

6 Totally ... Totally ...
Written by Christine Peymani
Copyright: 2011

A teen magazine devoting each issue to a different television series. Issue #8 was for M.I. High. It held background on M.I.9, profiles on the agents, a poster, puzzles, quizzes, and a reprint of the comicbook No Future.

7 M.I. High Annual 2012 M.I. High Annual 2012
Written by Christine Peymani
Copyright: 2011

An annual based on the television series consisting of articles on the show, the characters, the clothing worn, etc. Also games and puzzles and a comicbook story entitled No Future.


Number of Episodes:88
First Appearance:2007
Last Appearance:2014

Rachel PetladwalaRose Gupta [ 1-5 ]
Bel PowleyDaisy Millar [ 1-2 ]
Moustafa PalazliBlane Whittaker [ 1-2 ]
Charlene OsuagwuCarrie Stewart [ 3-5 ]
Ben KerfootOscar Cole [ 3-5 ]
Danny John-JulesLenny Bicknall [ 1-2 ]
Jonny Freeman Frank London [ 3-5 ]
Oyiza MomohAneisha Jones [ 6-7 ]
Sam StrikeDan Morgan [ 6-7 ]
Oscar JacquesTom Tupper [ 6-7 ]
Natasha WatsonZoe [ 6 ]
Julia BrownKeri Summers [ 7 ]


Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2011
Last Appearance:2011


       If I had had this series as a teenager I would have loved it. As an old duffer, I still would have if I could have a couple minutes to shove Blane down a garbage chute - several times. Snarky little brat, in my opinion. The others were mostly okay so be quite so demonstrative with them. Him, though!
       Silly concept done quite well for its obvious low budget and its target audience. I haven't spent any money on the novelizations yet so cannot speak to their quality. Did watch several of the episodes on YouTube which is why I know Blane needs a trip somewhere.


My Grade: B-


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