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Full Name: Doris Fein
Nationality: American
Organization: IGO
Occupation Part-Time Agent

Creator: T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Time Span: 1978 - 1984


Doris Fein is a part-time agent with the IGO.

I had originally classified her as an adventurer but that is a wildly misleading description. It does fit, sort of, in that Fein absolutely loves adventure. She adores a mystery and will throw herself totally into finding the solution so in that regard she is an adventurer. She also loves her creature comfort and really has never yet dealt with hardship when we first meet her so that is a couple of points in the other direction.

I chose instead to go with her as a part-time agent for the Information Gathering Organization (IGO) which will on several occasions ask her to do a little something for them. It strikes me that she does not completely trust them but since she loves her country and wants to be of help, she complies with the request. Naturally being the adventurous short with an insatiable curiosity, that opens many doors into danger.

Our first encounter with her is when she is still in high school in her home town of Santa Amelia. She is on the school newspaper along with her close friend, Larry Small. It is Small who is the main focus of the first adventure we find Fein in but Fein's role is a vital one and clearly shows how inquisitive she is not to mention how take-charge she can be.

From the next adventure on, Fein, having graduated, is on her own to go wherever and do whatever she wants and a few times that puts her right where the IGO needs someone to be (well, once or twice they nudge her in the right direction).

Fein stands 5'4" and weighs 155 lbs which puts her with "a teensy weight problem" she has had all her life. She also complains a time or two about having mousy brown hair (images shown of her do not agree) but descriptions for others indicate her complexion is nearly flawless and her teeth perfect and for all her perceived physical issues, she always seems to have some good looking fellow or another interested in her.

Fein describes herself as "something of a feminist" which she explains means she does not expect guys to hold her chair or open doors for her and she most certainly does not take to being patronized, something which happens all the time and gets a rise out of her. When a man she was talking to foolishly referred to her as 'honey', she responded sharply, "If you don't want to be called cutey-pie, don't call me honey."

The adventures of Fein take place in the late 70's and early 80's, long before cellphones and social media.

Interesting line:

An agent "cannot outthink intuition".


Number of Books:9
First Appearance:1978
Last Appearance:1984

1 Dr. Doom: Superstar Dr. Doom: Superstar
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1978

Larry Small is a high school journalist who wants a job with Rolling Stone magazine and has a chance for one if he can get an interview with megastar 'Dr. Doom' at his concert in town. Small and his friend, Doris Fein, go to show and find someone has shot the bass player while trying for the lead singer and someone has tampered with the electronics on stage. Small and Fein are determined to investigate.

2 Doris Fein: Superspy Doris Fein: Superspy
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1980

As a H.S. graduation present, Doris Fein is sent to NYC to spend a couple weeks there with her Aunt and Uncle, the latter being a diplomat from the African nation of Dakama. She is suspicious that they are not the real thing but looking into it lands her in an international mystery involving a revolution in that country.

3 Doris Fein: Quartz Boyar Doris Fein: Quartz Boyar
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1980

The secret government agency IGO asks Doris Fein to courier a priceless Faberge egg to Paris. Before she can deliver it, she is attacked and the treasure stolen and Fein is determined to get it back.

4 Doris Fein: Phantom of the Casino Doris Fein: Phantom of the Casino
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1980

When Doris Fein's friend, Carl, visits from NYC, they and her elderly millionaire friend Harry all take a trip to Santa Catarina Island off San Francisco and the Casino there. That facility is being hurt by a series of strange accidents blamed on the 'Phantom". When Doris is almost hurt in two such events, she begins to look into it.

5 Doris Fein: The Mad Samurai Doris Fein: The Mad Samurai
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1981

Doris Fein's friend, Carl Suzuki, is visiting from NYC when his uncle from Japan is in town. The murder of a philanthropist who had stolen the uncle's land after WWII puts suspicion on the man and Doris wants to get to the truth after a second victim is found. Her snooping nearly makes her the third.

6 Doris Fein: Deadly Aphrodite Doris Fein: Deadly Aphrodite
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1982

Upset that her boyfriend, Carl, has left to go back to NYC, Doris Fein starts to binge eat with depression and the weight adds up. Hearing her old boyfriend, Larry Small, is coming to town, she heads to a fancy health spa to lose weight but their methods are very suspect and potentially lethal. Plus there is the matter of an old murder to be solved.

7 Doris Fein: Murder Is No Joke Doris Fein: Murder Is No Joke
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1982

When Doris Fein meets comedian Steven Sachs as a comedy club, she is smitten. He is tall, handsome, smart, and rich. And he is interested in marriage soon after. Then his manager is murdered and he is hardly concerned and heads to Vegas for a gig. Then another comic is killed and Doris realizes who the killer but that is not healthy for her at all.

8 Doris Fein: Dead Heat at Long Beach Doris Fein: Dead Heat at Long Beach
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1983

Doris Fein's sports car is destroyed when a load of cement lands on it. She responds by buying a custom car with incredible power, so much so she takes lessons at a racetrack. There she meets Roderigo, racer and son of a Caribbean dictator. The IGO shows up to get her to travel with him back home where rebels are trying to oust the dad and the IGO is worried about oil to America.

9 Doris Fein: Legacy of Terror Doris Fein: Legacy of Terror
Written by T. Ernesto Bethancourt
Copyright: 1984

Doris Fein's inheritance from her old friend, Harry, is at stake when a man in Chicago claims to be his son and entitled to the many millions she was left. She and her lawyer head to the Windy City to learn more and end up against the Chicago mob and again in grave peril.


When a writer pens a series about a teenager, if he or she does it accurately, that character can be interesting and annoying at the same time, just like real teenagers (I was one once and raised three). This author did it correctly.

Fein in sharp as a tack but headstrong so sometimes heads one way determinedly only to run staright into trouble. That makes for the basis of a lot of good adventures but still makes the reader wonder about the person.

She gets better as the series progresses and if I were a teenager again, I would go for these.


My Grade: B


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