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Full Name: Charles Grey
Nationality: American
Organization: R.I.R.
Occupation Agent

Creator: Pel Georg
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Charles Grey is an agent with R.I.R.

That is a highly secret organization inside the American Intelligence community. The acronym stands for "Reconnaissance, Intelligence, and Response". As Grey explains at the very beginning of the first recorded adventure, it handles "all the procedures of infiltration, deep penetration, intelligence gathering, data analysis and consequent response, based on all the former. Something that means each agent is let to infiltrate the area he is ordered to act into, carry out recon maneuvers, collect the needed and proper information and then undertake the proper response, even if this is termination or rescue. Within RIR, the term used for its agents, comes from the air-force jargon, the fighter jets and particularly for the fire-and-forget missiles used there. We are made of the same fire-and-forget material. Fire the missile, let it understand if it is a friendly or hostile target they have been aimed to, then and accordingly, follow the target's route, shoot it down as a hostile one, without the person who has fired that live missile, the RIR agent as a parallel, having to look on what is happening, or what the outcome will be."

This is not a behemoth of a government department. Besides the requisite support staff, its field agents consists of "15 Agents and 15 Controllers, one controller per agent". Each of those 15 agents are former Navy SEALs. Each has received additional training such that if there were specialized skills that different SEAL team members might have, all those skills would be taught to each RIR agent making each operative as capable as one can get.

Grey also lets us know that his callsign inside RIR was "Mr. Mission Impossible" after the television shows ans movies. "Usually, my maximum of solving a case, implementing the proposed response, was of two days."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

The first book in the series was originally published in 2007 and the next two in 2010, in Greece in their native language of Greek. The author himself did these translations and self-published them in 2015.

1 Factor Unknown Factor Unknown
Written by Pel Georg
Copyright: 2015

The mission was to take out an American entrepreneur and to get data he was holding. As usualy, Charles Grey was able to handle the job despite how difficult the condition were. That job would, unfortunately, set off new problems involving another intelligence agency, a cabinet Secretary, a big-pharma honcho, the Mob, and even someone high up in the White House. Grey's hands became very full.
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2 Factor Unseen Factor Unseen
Written by Pel Georg
Copyright: 2016

Part 1 of a long, 2-part adventure. When three armed men breaking into the Greek home where Charles Grey and his wife Sara O'Haloran were living, Grey was able to put them down but the question remains who sent them and why. Later when there is a kidnapping attempt on Sara at an airport, Grey gets even angrier.

3 Factor Unseen: Path to Resolution Factor Unseen: Path to Resolution
Written by Pel Georg
Copyright: 2017

Part 2 of a long, 2-part adventure. To find out who is causing the trouble that started at the same time Charles Grey and Sara O'Haloran were attacked, the two agree to work with British Intelligence to track down those were behind the terrible attack at Waterlook Station.
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This being a translation of the original, albeit by the original author, it comes across as not quite natural. This is possibly because of the difference in handling conversations. I am, and I am sure most English readers are, used to dialogue being put in quotes, not prefaced with a dash with no discernible closing delineation. Very, very, very off-putting.

Thrown in the fact that, to me, the lead character was too full of himself and I was not happy with this series. I only read as much of the two/three books as I could before giving up.

Quote-marks are important.


My Grade: C+


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