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Full Name: Chris Collins
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Hopton, David Berens
Time Span: 2017 - 2024


Chris Collins is an agent with the CIA.

He is not a field agent with the organization when we first meet him - he is a bit higher up the food chain having attained the impressive position of Deputy Director after "long, hard years of CIA service". He worked his way up that chain, though, via his many years of dark alley work in the Middle East, including many places where the word American was not heard with friendly ears. And Collins had come to that line of work after a few more years in the Office of Naval Intelligence. All things considered, there is no one who would not say Collins paid his dues.

In return for that he has managed to get hold of a long desired object - a beautiful sailing cruiser which was "an extravagance that had raised eyebrows from some people" but which he felt he had more than earned it with all the time spent at the Agency. His love of the water in general and boating in specific will be repeatedly shown in his activities.

Collins sports, not surprisingly, "the enviable tan of a sailing enthusiast. With his crystal blue eyes and wavy hair graying sophisticatedly at the temples, he looked like he could have been on the pages of a yachting brochure". He is married to Alice and from the sound of things when we meet her early on, there is more than an little trouble in paradise and it sounds like neither has a clue how to handle it, should either actually want to.

Things will change considerably in the series. How would be revealing too much and spoil things but Collins will find himself back in those dark alleys though in different climes. And he will be joined on several occasions by the lovely and very deadly Tsu Kim, an operative worthy of her own series.

Notable line by Collins:
"I always try to do the right thing ... It's just not always clear what the right thing is."


Number of Books:6
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2024

The main character of this series started out as a "guest star" in one of the tropical adventures of Troy Bodean, a non-spy action series by one of the Collins' authors, David Berens. In fact the first two times we encounter him was in this series with the second visit being more of a cameo appearance at the end. In both instances he was a Deputy Director of the CIA.

In the first book of his own series, Collins finds his time with the Agency coming to an abrupt end and he is out to bring down those who brought him down. The adventure, though, has its genesis in the adventure described in the first novella, listed below, Rogue Enemy.

Reading the two Troy Bodean books is not vital to understanding the Chris Collins series. They are, however, hilarious adventures well worth reading just for their own sake.

Before reading the three (so far) actual Chris Collins books, though, I strongly recommend reading the Rogue Enemy novella. It, too, is not vital but it is a good idea.

Finally, there is a short book leading the companion series about Korean operative Tsu Kim which again is not crucial to the Collins storyline as Collins is not involved at all but it does explain a lot about Ms. Kim and she is crucial to the Collins tales.

1 Ocean Blue Ocean Blue
aka Deep Wave
Written by David Berens
Copyright: 2017

Book 2 in the Troy Bodean Tropical Adventure series.
"Troy Bodean is .. flying a seaplane for his brother’s Key West tourist ferry to Fort Jefferson. And then he sees it... a shadow deep in the water. Dreams of treasure, fortune, and fame begin to fill his head. He launches a secret salvage operation to bring up the mysterious find. And that's when everyone started trying to kill him."
Showing up towards the end of this adventure is Chris Collins, Deputy Director of the CIA to lend a hand resolving the situation.
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2 Shark Wave Shark Wave
Written by David Berens
Copyright: 2019

Book 6 in the Troy Bodean Tropical Adventure series.
"A dead maid found in a closet full of drugs and money, a multi-million dollar mansion with a shady group of owners trying to elect the next Governor of Massachusetts and a couple of has-been strippers looking to make a quick buck.
What do they all have in common? Who knows, but you can be sure Troy Bodean will wind up in the middle of it all."
Making a cameo appearance the end of this adventure is Chris Collins, Deputy Director of the CIA.
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3 Capitol Break Capitol Break
Written by John Hopton, David Berens
Copyright: 2019

Chris Collins see a thumb drive being passed between a powerful Senator and a known hit man. He manages to get the thumb drive but they know he knows. That is when Collins' world crashes as he is suddenly suspected in beating up a call girl and instead of hunting down a rotten Senator, he is the hunted man.
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4 Shanghai Crossfire Shanghai Crossfire
Written by John Hopton, David Berens
Copyright: 2019

When Chris Collins and his friend, ex-operative Tsu, are relaxing while sailing in the Caribbean, someone takes a series of shots at them. Finding out who is after them will result in Collins going after his former boss at the CIA and Tsu heading to Mexico to take on a cartel.
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5 Sahara Down Sahara Down
Written by John Hopton, David Berens
Copyright: 2021

Chris Collins and his friend, ex-operative Tsu, are chilling out in a hotel suite in Rio when he is pulled from that enjoyable setting to a much less so one first in the Amazon and later in a trip to Africa to stop a dictator who had gotten his hands on a shipment of nuclear weapons.
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6 Beirut Hurt Beirut Hurt
Written by David Berens
Copyright: 2024

"He thought getting into the private security game after retiring from the CIA would move him a step away from danger. He was wrong. When his work takes him into a world run by a vicious warlord who lives to inflict pain and misery, the rules of engagement do not exist. No act is too cruel, and nothing is off limits. Worse still, Collins is not the only target. Other ex-military personnel and their families are in the firing line, and time to save them is running out."
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2019
Last Appearance:2019

1 Rogue Enemy Rogue Enemy
Written by John Hopton, David Berens
Copyright: 2019

A prequel to the first three adventures.
At the CIA, Chris Collins was on a roll in his job as Deputy Director. He had just put away two crooked politicians in the pocket of a Mexican cartel and things were looking fine. Then the cartel strikes back by destroying his reputation and his world collapses.
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For lots and lots of really good exciting action and a few terrific characters, this is a darned good series to grab. I had a blast with it and read every page of each of the books and novellas, including the "connected" tales about Troy Bodean.

I must admit that while I liked the main character, Chris Collins, he was not my favorite person in the adventures. That would be the deadly and lovely Tsu Kim. Next in line is a support character named Ned who brought them together and who is a booze-guzzling hoot.

This is a fun, fun series.


My Grade: B+


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