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Full Name: Jack Grant
Series Name: The Redaction Chronicles
Nationality: British
Organization: MI6
Occupation Agent

Creator: James Quinn
Time Span: 2015 - 2021


Jack 'Gorilla' Grant is an agent with MI6.

He is, at least, when we first meet him. That will change a wee bit as time goes along but considering the department's attitude towards him from the get-go, it can always change back again. It is the early-to-mid 60's and the Cold War is still raging hot so agents like Grant are always in demand but it being the 60's, England being England, apes like Grant are not decidedly not in fashion and are an embarrassment and must be purged from the ranks - until someone of his qualifications are needed again.

The word 'ape' is apt for Grant for a couple of related reasons. First is his nickname and covername of 'Gorilla'. Some thought that the title came from the disdain that the career intelligence officials had for people they thought of as working at the "coalface". A labourer, a knuckle dragger, a rock crusher, an ape to do the heavy lifting. Someone to come in and do the manual, dirty work, the jobs that they deemed beneath themselves, but which was far more suited to some "oik" from the army." The truth was that "he wanted a cryptonym that was unique to him and unobtrusive in the general scheme of things. Of course in the great bureaucracy that was a secret government service he was given a rather bland code number - 2308 - which would forever be used on official communiques. However, things had taken a fateful turn when some wag in Personnel had discovered that Grant's nickname during his time in the army had been 'Gorilla' and had scrawled it onto the buff folder that held his life story."

The reason he had the nickname in the military was pretty obvious to anyone watching him for any amount of time. Grant is described as being a relatively small, stocky man (though in another place it refers to him as 'trim'), in his early-thirties and definitely in good shape. The name 'Gorilla' "fitted him like a glove, not because of his size or bulk, but more to do with his rolling gait when he walked, the furrowed glower behind the sunglasses, and the hint of a hirsute nature from beneath his well tailored suit".

Grant has white-blond hair which he keeps short and cropped leaving his scalp with a perpetual burned look. Not being impressive in his size and overall demeanor, Grant is able to pull off one of his best talents, that of being a spectre by which I mean he has an "almost intuitive skill to become unnoticeable". When he wanted to blend in, he did, simple as that. One of his instructors at the intelligence training facility commented that "you could lose him in a crowd of two people".

Grant's adventures are referred to as the Redaction Chronicles. In modern parlance redaction refers to the annoying black stripes obscuring important information on a document. In the case of Grant and his work with MI-6 during the 60's, redaction is not editing text for concealment but removing a person from the living.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2021

1 A Game For Assassins A Game For Assassins
Written by James Quinn
Copyright: 2015

At a particularly intense time during the Cold War, a team of skilled assassins are targeting MI6 agents. To find and stop them, MI6 pulls in Jack Grant. Grant is not the smooth, suave the other agents try to be. He is not nicknamed Gorilla for nothing.
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2 Sentinel 5 Sentinel 5
Written by James Quinn
Copyright: 2016

After the head of the SIS is murdered and while a terror group is causing trouble in Britain, Jack Grant is pulled back in to use his style of dealing with problems but it seems someone on the inside has other ideas.
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3 Rogue Wolves Rogue Wolves
Written by James Quinn
Copyright: 2018

For the past 30 years, the mysterious spy and assassin known as The Master has worked in total obscurity for many different groups - Nazis, Communists, terrorists. Now the French Secret Service want him brought in and they have hired Jack Grant to do it.
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4 Berlin Reload Berlin Reload
Written by James Quinn
Copyright: 2021

Jack 'Gorilla' Grant is retired and living a very peaceful and fairly successful life as a businessman. He has no plans to reenter his old life. He has no choice when his daughter is kidnapped in Rome and to get her back he has to pull upon all the tricks he learned as an operative.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2017
Last Appearance:2017

1 Gorilla Warfare Gorilla Warfare
Written by James Quinn
Copyright: 2017

The year is 1981. In Glasgow, the McLachlan crime family rules the underworld and there is no one to challenge them. Then they make the mistake of causing grief to Jack Grant and he is about to show them what terror looks like.
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The job of the people in the division where Jack Grant works is to eliminate people and 'Gorilla' is particularly good at doing that. The author is particularly good at making the man's actions a whole lot of fun to follow.

I was certain shortly after starting the first adventure that I was going to like it and nothing changed that attitude as I went on to the next book and the next. I hope that author keeps this series going because I will be online grabbing any new adventures.

Grant is the kind of character I love to follow. In real life I would keep my distance so as to not annoy him or be collateral damage when his enemies come after him - which they seem to do a lot.


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This series excites at the level of Ludlum, LeCarre, and even Ian Fleming. Give it a look. Gorilla Grant is a character you need to meet.

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