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Full Name: Max Fortune and Carla Day
Series Name: Max & Carla series
Nationality: American
Organization: The Organization
Occupation Agent

Creator: John Day
Time Span: 2014 - 2015


Max Fortune and Carla Day are agents with the Organization.

Agents is not really the correct word, and 'with' is oversimplification, but more on that later.

Max Fortune is a 45 years old man, a widower for the past twelve years, who has worked hard at his own successful business and being a father of a son who recently graduated college. How that the son, James, has gone off on his own and no serious relationship holds him back, Fortune decides to close down that business to find something he was craving - adventure. He buys a very comfortable camper and heads across the Channel from his native England and heads to warmer climate. It will be in an area north of Naples that Fortune will meet that adventure and then some.

Carla Day is the personification of excitement. Twenty-six years old and raring for all the action life can throw at her, when we first meet her she and a colleague (and sometimes lover) are fleeing from gunmen having just ripped off a drug kingpin. Their shots dispatch the unfortunate workmate but Day survives to fight, literally, another day.

Fortune and Day will become a makeshift pair in an interesting and, for Fortune, fairly ho-hum way. That ho-hum will disappear almost immediately. Nothing, Max Fortune will discover, is ever dull around Carla Day.

The promo blurb for the series sums it as: "Rescued on a mountain road in Italy by Max Fortune, Carla Day involves him in her life of excitement and danger. He becomes hooked on the wealth and glamour surrounding her guardian, known as the Duke, who controls a shadowy business empire [the Organization]. The manipulative Duke uses the steadying influence of Max to tame and protect the wayward girl. He employs Max & Carla on simple missions, as couriers and trouble-shooters for the business. The pair are trouble magnets and adrenaline junkies who face unexpected danger when things invariably turn nasty."


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2014
Last Appearance:2015

1 Extinction Event Extinction Event
aka Counterpoint
Written by John Day
Copyright: 2014

Carla Day has always loved adventure. Max Fortune has learned he does as well. Both will get more than they expected when they go on a mission for the Organization, whether it is seeking a fortune in diamonds or learning about a hidden tomb or trying to get back a stolen experimental sub.
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1 Fire Ice Fire Ice
Written by John Day
Copyright: 2014

Out of the frying pan ... sort of. Max Fortune escapes an erupting volcano only to be snatched up by the CIA as a suspected terrorist. Meanwhile Carla Day is helping a woman break out of a hell-hole prison in Afghanistan. These actions will get both Max and Carla hunted by the Taliban. And that is just the start of an adventure that will take them into the Bermuda Triangle to save a ship and its crew.
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3 Fugitive Fugitive
Written by John Day
Copyright: 2015

Max & Carla are attacked. Carla Day is kidnapped. Max Fortune is injured and wakes in a hospital with no memory and suspected of being a murderer.
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Max Fortune is a man who is wishing for a little more excitement in his life. The dude should have wished for season tickets or something a whole lot safer than he got when he helped Carla Day out. That woman is .... well, in case she is listening, a fine person, let's go with that.

This is a very easy and fast and fun series to read has so many thing exploding it, it seems dangerous just to hold the book in my hands. And then there is the Bermuda Triangle in one of the adventures. That sound safe. Although, safe is never anything Carla is looking for, or finds.


My Grade: B


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