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Full Name: Brad Rafferty
Nationality: American
Organization: U.S. Navy
Occupation Military - Officer

Creator: Don Massenzio
Time Span: 2015 - 2018


Brad Rafferty is an officer in the U.S. Navy.

Specifically he holds the rank of Commander and while we are told very early on that he was an intelligence analyst, we learn that he is stationed at the time at the Naval Station in Mayport, Florida where he was teaching a "class in basic nuclear concepts" being a "young, brilliant nuclear engineer". The two facts are not in conflict, however, as Rafferty has had his considerable expertise in nuclear weaponry put to use in becoming an expert in the actions of rogue states like Iran and North Korea.

Rafferty is into outdoor activities such as scuba diving and fishing and prefers to get to and from such enjoyments via his motorcycle. This love of action does fly in the face of an analyst's profession that is largely sedentary. He has no desire to be stuck behind a desk and looks for any opportunity to head into the field.

Rafferty is, from what I can tell, single with no one especially close to him in the romance department. He has a sister who is a veterinary and a father who is a retired Admiral. This last fact is important because of the danger of having to live up to a successful parent in the same 'business' but it is shown quickly that Rafferty is quite content in his own skin and has nothing to prove to anyone.

Actually, the idea of being anyone as prominent as his father would likely be unappealing to Rafferty who prefers less fanfare. As it says in one passage, Rafferty is hoping to "go back to his inspection duties where he could hopefully sink back into obscurity". Elsewhere he is heard telling a co-worker that "I welcome the routine and unrelenting boredom". He will have no such luck.

One aspect of his nature is summed up by a fellow officer who is not too flattering when he quips that Rafferty is "a boy scout. He would turn in his own mother if he thought she broke the law." What I saw of Rafferty, he is fairly straight-laced but nowhere near that level. Obviously, though, he can come across as such.


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2018

1 Blood Orange Blood Orange
Written by Don Massenzio
Copyright: 2015

A terrorist cell strikes at America during a big game between two college basketball rivals. Brad Rafferty and his skilled team is put on their trail.
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2 Blood Match Blood Match
Written by Don Massenzio
Copyright: 2018

Jake is an intelligence analyst who is on a plane trip when a passenger is murdered and Jake is certain he was the intended victim. Now running for his life, he appeals to Brad Rafferty to find who is behind it and that person is so powerful he poses a huge threat to the entire country.
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After reading, and honestly enjoying, so many, many series dealing with larger-than-life characters bombastically dominating each scene, it is fun to have the change of pace of a fellow like Rafferty who would very much rather to be in the shadows.

The writing is good and easy to follow and makes the time spent with Rafferty enjoyable. I was looking for more adventures about him from the author but apparently he has moved on to other things because two missions is all that I could find about Rafferty.


My Grade: B


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