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Full Name: Jonathon Price
Nationality: American
Organization: None
Occupation Freelance Agent

Creator: William James
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


       Jonathon Price is a freelance agent.
       That is not really true since the notion of freelance is the ability to pick and choose who the individual might work for and Price really does not work for anyone other than himself. However, it does fit in that he gets involved in things that interest him or which are important to him so he is the one doing the deciding.
       When we first encounter him, he has been for the past two years happily a civilian living a very good life since he was quite wealthy from an inheritance (probably from his parents). Prior to that, though, he had served honorably and with considerable distinction in the U.S. Navy SEALs. He has no regret over the years he put his life on the line serving his country and he looks back on it all with understandable pride.
       Those years had, though, put a toll on him and he had decided that it was important to start a new chapter without all the fighting and danger and watching friends pay the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately for Price, his grandfather William had, just prior to his death from cancer, put together a plan to combat a terrorist plan of horrific potential that the elderly man had learned of. Heading up the team that his grandfather had put together for this mission was to be Price.
       It was a very strange farewell by the old man, saying his goodbyes in a recorded message while telling the younger man that his recently acquired peaceful life was about to vanish, likely forever.
       The elder Price knew that the younger man would not - could not - ignore the threat that the old man had uncovered and so Jonathon Price would again put his life on the life, again and again.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

1 Dirty Money Dirty Money
Written by William James
Copyright: 2015

The long years becoming the most feared black ops agent in Afghanistan has tired Jonathon Price out and he has retired to stay a while with his grandfather in San Diego. That man, though, has contacts all over the world in both the intelligence field and the underworld and he has come up with a plan to strike a blow against terrorism by going after the laundered money that backrolls it. He needs, though, someone younger like Price to be his weapon.
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2 The Bankers The Bankers
Written by William James
Copyright: 2015

A former U.S. President is on the board of a money management company where a quarter of a billion dollars has disappeared. Then the head of the company is murdered. The President asks the help of Jonathon Price to find the money and the killer but that will pit him against drug lords from two different cartels and trips to Europe and then South America where mercenaries are out to stop him.
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3 The Mole The Mole
Written by William James
Copyright: 2017

A military-style attack on their home in Monaco force Jonathan Price and Sophia to flee just before it explodes. They immediately go after those behind it and in the process discover a mole in the CIA which in turn leads them to an Italian crime boss with extremely grandious ambitions.
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