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Full Name: Cat Powell
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: L. M. Reynolds
Time Span: 2015 - 2021


Cat Powell is an agent with the CIA.

This is an interesting series of adventures in that the lead operative in each case is the aforementioned Cat but the actual tales are related to us by her half-sister, Lindsey Carlisle, and it would not be wrong to give her co-billing. Nevertheless, I have chosen Cat as the main 'star'.

Cat is short for Catherine Ames Powell. She is well into her fifties when we first meet her with virtually all of that adult life having been spent working for the Agency. Several decades before she had graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Middle Eastern Studies. Now after so many years studying that area she is considered a very knowledgeable person in all matters dealing with the region. Her fluency in both Arabic and Farsi helps a lot.

The very first time we hear about her is when her sister, Lindsey, is told of her death in a horrible explosion along with Cat's husband, Tom. To paraphrase Twain, the reports were exaggerated but in this case it was done so by Powell herself as part of a plan to uncover a particularly nasty operation. To accomplish that goal she will need to put together a task force made up of several individuals from different government agencies as well as vital computer expertise from the small IT company that Lindsey owns.

Lindsey, the narrator and also one of those who gets involved in the action, is two decades younger than her big sister. She had no interest in the cloak and dagger business, preferring her own area of study as a computer science expert but she is a quick learner and her keen intellect and tenacity comes in handy.


Number of Books:3
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2021

1 Spies In Our Midst Spies In Our Midst
Written by L. M. Reynolds
Copyright: 2015

When Lindsey Carlisle learned about the explosion at the home of her half-sister Cat Powell, she was stunned. Then she got angry with the FBI's assumption that the two bodies found were part of a terrorist cell and that Powell was connected and being hunted. Finding Cat and the proof will put Carlisle and a lot others in grave danger.
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2 Spies We Know Spies We Know
Written by L. M. Reynolds
Copyright: 2016

Cat Powell and a former ambassador are leading an elite team made up of several U.S. intelligence agencies on the hunt for the rest of the people who had tried kill hundreds of thousands in Boston. The trail will take them to India but to learn more, Powell will be forced to tell the truth of a mission she was once involved in.
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3 One Deliberate Act One Deliberate Act
Written by L. M. Reynolds
Copyright: 2021

"Veteran intelligence operative Cat Powell has never fully accepted the findings of the investigation into the death of her best friend. When a long-overlooked piece of evidence surfaces, she sets out to retrace her friend’s footsteps and find the persons responsible. What she uncovers leads to the doorstep of a master spy—and a plot to bring America to its knees."
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I really like the nice twist of having a major character be the narrator but not be the star of the series. I also like the fact that the narrator could have been the lead though not as good a one.

This series has good solid writing and a nice flow to it The author was skilled enough to give us really good ideas of each of the principle characters without getting bogged down.

Being a computer programmer, but in no way skilled enough to be considered a hacker, I love to read adventures of computer pros which actually sound like they could do what they do.

I would have enjoyed more adventures but alas there seems to be but the two so we take what we can.


My Grade: A-


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