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Full Name: Alex Parker
Series Name: CIA Ghost Series
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Mike Ryan
Time Span: 2015 - 2017


Alex Parker is an agent with the CIA.

That is not her real name. What is, I do not know and she isn't forthcoming about it and it is pretty much irrelevant. As she mentions to the Director at the beginning of the first recorded adventure, after he has commented that she has had "seventeen different aliases" in the just over ten years she has been with the Agency, "actually it's only sixteen. One is my real name", going on to say when asked which one was real, "to be honest it's been so long since I used it that I almost forget". Alex Parker is the name she is going under when we first meet her and she is "kind of partial" to it so she remains using in.

As she explains to Turner (more on him in a moment), she was raised in an orphanage. "One of the places they recruit from is troubled teens with no family. Nobody to miss them." She had just turned 17 when they came to call, almost ready to go out on her own and nothing planned for what that might be. "They identify certain criteria that they're looking for. Once they select you, you're put through a long, rigorous training process. They mold you into what they want you to be."

In her case it was to be a Ghost. At least that is what they called her. "They spent the next four years molding me into the agent that they wanted. They taught me new languages, how to blend in, how to disappear, how to survive, and ... how to kill. How to kill in every possible situation, with whatever is at your disposal. They turned me into a killing machine. Unquestioning of orders, mission after mission, never missing home because, well, you have no home to go back to."

For the next seven years up to the time we encounter her, she has over one hundred kills on her record and she is very, very tired of it. She is thinking seriously of chucking it all and finding something else to do with her life when, in that first adventure, she learns that her partner for the past couple of years of missions has gone missing. Went rogue. With that action on his part, her life will change drastically.

Which brings us to Turner, a man around her age that her missing partner had inveigled into helping him and someone she knew she might have to eliminate when she first meets him. She learns early one that such drastic action will not be necessary and as a short time passes, she also learns she is pleased he is not a target for she is falling hard for the civilian. He will become a very important part of her life for the rest of the series, as will fellow agent Cole.

Together the three make a pretty good team.


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2015
Last Appearance:2017

1 Rogue Ghost Rogue Ghost
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2015

The partner of Alex Parker has gone missing and is said to be out to sell some very valuable secrets to the highest bidder unless Parker can find him and bring him in. Dead or alive is up to her.
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2 Ghost Pursuit Ghost Pursuit
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2015

On the hunt of a rogue CIA agent, Alex Parker is just about to nab him in Brazil when she must decide to snare him or save the life of an innocent person. She chose the latter but earned a suspension for it. When she again has a chance to go after him, she finds he has used the 'off' time to perfect his plans.
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3 Ghost Fall Ghost Fall
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2016

While Alex Parker and her partner, Jim Cole, are going after a major player in the Russian mob, she realizes that her time as a CIA 'ghost' is coming to an end and for the first time in her adult life, she has to decide what next, if she survives this current mission that is.
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4 Ghost Revival Ghost Revival
Written by Mike Ryan
Copyright: 2017

Out of the Agency for almost a year, Alex Parker vows that the only way she would ge back to being a 'ghost' would be if someone she cared about was in great danger. Unfortunately, when her old partner, Jim Cole, goes missing while hunting a drug dealer turned arms seller, she knows that she must take action.
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I am pretty sure by the few years that have passed since he wrote the last adventure there will not be any more coming but who knows? Maybe. I would like that. I liked Alex Parker a lot. I really liked Cole, mainly because he seems to get the better lines but Parker is the key character. Turner is okay as well. Earnest and caring and good for Parker. Having character the reader can care for is important in keeping interest and enjoyment.

The action is pretty darn good as well. It makes sense. It flows swiftly with no boring bumps in the road. This is a great read when you want a lot of things going on with people who are good enough to handle it.


My Grade: B+


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