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Full Name: Samuel Tolen
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly
Time Span: 2012 - 2018


Samuel Tolen is an agent with the CIA.

He is an operative with a good number of years experience when we first meet him and has just completed a particularly unpleasant assignment for which he was granted much needed vacation time. Following this break, he had been promised a stretch liaising with the Smithsonian where his interests in antiquities and archaeology would come in useful. Unfortunately for him, the needs of the Agency coupled with his impressive set of skills will keep postponing that assignment.

Tolen is African-American, described by a nurse as "like a strong cup of coffee that jumpstarted her morning". He wears his hair in a close-crop and is routinely dressed "impeccably". One rarity he has that women find extremely alluring is his "wondrous blue eyes". There can be no doubt that an intelligent, perceptive man like Tolen is aware of the effect on people but he never seems to use it to his advantage nor to rely on it. His intellect and his curiousity dominate this man's actions.

Tolen has had a love of history and archaeology for years and as a result was very interested in an offer to be seconded for a time to the Smithsonian Institute as one of its field agents before returning to normal duty with the Agency.

Tolen works regularly with CIA analyst Tiffany Bar, a young 23-year-old woman who has been with the Agency for four years since she earned her doctorate in forensic analysis. She is "considered an analytical savant" but due to her young age has intimidated most of her associates and so is treated like a pariah. Tolen, however, "treated her no differently than he would anyone else at the agency from the first day" so the two got along wonderfully.

"Tolen had a unique skill. He possessed the aural equivalent of photographic memory. Not only could he recall exact sounds and conversations, but he could remember the exact pitch and intonation."


Number of Books:2
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2018

This series looks like it has an interesting story of its own, one that I would like to know but do not so I just guess. In 2011 the writing pair crafted the first book in what they refer to as the God Tool series. It had nothing to do with Samuel Tolen but was interesting nevertheless. Then they, a year later, wrote the short story (some might call it a prequel but since it came first, I would not) lead-in the the first Tolen tale. That was followed up with the first full length Tolen novel.

Two years later out came the second God Tool adventure with Tolen playing a major, though not lead role. The next year, 2015, came the third and final God Tool book with again Tolen being very important to the plot.

Then three years after that, Tolen returns in his "second" adventure.

Like I said, interesting.

1 Indisputable Proof Indisputable Proof
Written by Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly
Copyright: 2012

The Sudarium of Oviedo, the cloth said once to have covered Christ's face on the cross, was stolen from the Spanish cathedral housing it. In the wake of its disappearance, several people are horribly murdered, each in the manner of a different execution of an Apostle. Samuel Tolen joins a Spanish inspector and a British archaelogist to find the relic and solve the killings. What they learn along the way may change history.
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2 Evil In The Beginning Evil In The Beginning
Written by Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly
Copyright: 2014

Book 2 in the God Tools series - Samuel Tolen gets involved in a discovery by Dr. Curt Lohan and Scott Marks of a cave near the St. Johns River which hold remnants of an ancient crossing of the Atlantic long before the Vikings. It opens the door to a secret held for thousands of years.

3 End In The Beginning End In The Beginning
Written by Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly
Copyright: 2015

Book 3 in the God Tools series - With the help of Tiffany Bar, Dr. Curt Lohan learns of the plan by the Cult of the End to destroy humanity and restart it with children known as 'the seeds'.
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4 Blood Legacy Blood Legacy
Written by Gary Williams, Vicky Knerly
Copyright: 2018

An elderly couple on Long Island were murdered. An FBI agent brought in the liaise with local authorities, discovers an unsent letter addressed to his friend, CIA agent Samuel Tolen. This will set the two men onto an investigation that will pull in a kidnapped Chinese-American physicist and a billionaire shipping tycoon as well as a WWII German mini-sub and something it was carrying that went missing from Hitler's final bunker.
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Number of Stories:1
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2012

1 Before The Proof Before The Proof
Written by Gary Williams
Copyright: 2012

Tailing a North Korean arms dealer to a meeting in Sri Lanka with an American millionaire's personal assistant, CIA agent Samuel Tolen discovers a plan to have someone killed which will result in a $100 million windfall. Tolen would love to stop it but he has no idea where the hit will take place and worse yet, no clue as to the designated target.
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This is a really well-written combination of ancient civilizations and modern cults and spy-fi. Tolen is an interesting character with a decent backstory and a sad but compelling issue to deal with. His cohort in crime, so to speak, Tiffany, is even more interesting individual but I like her back at headquarters doing the analysis and Tolen out getting show at. I really appreciate the trust and camaraderie these two share.

I hope the writing pair will keep writing and I hope that writing will continue to have these two taking part.


My Grade: B+


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