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Full Name: Cole Sudden
Nationality: American
Organization: CIA
Occupation Agent

Creator: Lawrence De Maria
Time Span: 2012 - 2020


Cole Sudden is an agent with the CIA.

In fact, he is an assassin for them. Not officially, of course, because officially the Agency does not conduct such activities any longer. Termination with extreme prejudice is a no-no so no one does it.

Except people like Sudden who operates very quietly and removes the people he is told to remove with considerable forethought and finesse. Usually those eliminated are looked at as having died from natural causes like heart attacks or the result of unfortunate accidents like falls down a set of stairs. Being as meticulous as is needed helps Sudden come, take care of business, and then leave with little or no wake.

Cole Sudden is also Cole Swift, a well respected author of thrillers that have sold well and made a modest name for himself though he has not hit the big time yet. His novels of suspense and murder have shown a talent for originality and superb planning resulting in excellent surprise endings. In a bit of enjoyable name-dropping, one scene has Sudden sharing coffee with famed author Nelson DeMille and the latter, obviously well familiar with Sudden's works, compliments him strongly and sincerely on his work so far. DeMille goes so far as to state, "You have a knack for murder, gore and chicanery. And a weird imagination. Nobody can kill people off like you do, even me." If only the man knew!

One aspect of Sudden's author sideline that is understandable is his determination that his books not have a picture of him on the dustjacket, for the same reason he uses a pseudonym. While he would like to be taken seriously and appreciated as a writer, being well known and recognized would play havoc with his ability to go undercover to set up a killing.

Interestingly about Sudden's chosen profession, it is said in the first recorded adventure that "being good at killing didn't mean he liked it."

Playing an important co-starring role in this series is a fellow agent, the lovely and sexy and extremely deadly Rebecca Soul, a former Mossad operative who is said to have an "air of suppressed menace". Soul told Sudden in one of their earliest meetings that she "was a lesbian who only slept with men she planned to kill". Despite that statement, the two have been intimate now and then and Sudden is still alive. At least for now.

Good Line:
About Naples, Florida's retirement communities - "The median age is dead."


Number of Books:4
First Appearance:2012
Last Appearance:2020

1 Sudden Kill Sudden Kill
aka Hurricane Fats
Written by Lawrence De Maria
Copyright: 2012

The idea the CIA had to fill up a slush fund for covert activities was to break into the WitSec computers, find the new identities of some pretty nasty individuals, and then reach an agreement with the mob bosses wanting revenge to eliminate those people for a fee. Bad people got punished, the CIA had secret money to use, and the mobsters had to also provide anti-terrorist intel. It went wrong when the CIA hitman was given incorrect info and the wrong man was killed. Now the hitman, Cole Sudden, is being hunted.
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2 The Hadron Escape The Hadron Escape
Written by Lawrence De Maria
Copyright: 2014

In the scientific world of nuclear physics, things like quantum mechanics, particle accelerators and the space-time continuum are way over most people's heads. But the kind of trouble that is brewing at the Hadron facility is easier to understand and with the safety of the world at risk, using someone like Cole Sudden to resolve it is a simple equation.

3 Thawed Thawed
Written by Lawrence De Maria
Copyright: 2016

The virus had been buried and frozen for many thousands of years. Then a Russian scientist uncovered it for study. Then a terrorist cell got their hands on it to use against America. Then Cole Sudden got a new mission.
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4 The End Of Us The End Of Us
Written by Lawrence De Maria
Copyright: 2020

Cole Sudden was certain he would be joining in the hunt for a massively powerful H-bomb but his bosses, concerned with the attention he has acquired recently, have set him aside. He was not upset - he had a new girlfriend and she was very, very rich. Then things get rough and it is back to the action.
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When I first grabbed the books in this series to prepare to enter Cole Sudden into this compendium, I noticed the large number of other books the author had produced. That made me wonder if the man was a hack quickly pounding out mediocre work or if he was any good.

He is good! Quite good, in fact. Enough so that I have grabbed several of his other books in his other series.

He is not pretentious. He is witty. And observant. And able to take those observations and fit them into the storyline and make them highly entertaining.

He has spaced out the four (so far) Sudden adventures over time so it is possible there may be more. I hope so!


My Grade: A-


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